Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2003-02-04

Present: Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Maria Hunenko, Beatrice Luh, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder).

Absent: Dajin Sun, Susan Tucker.

1. New Authority Control at Yale Website

The Authority Control at Yale website <> has been redesigned and updated. The Authority Control Advisory Committee is listed on the home page as one of the site's "quick links."

2. Impact of 2002 Edition of AACR2 on Series Authority Records

Some of the rule revisions in the 2002 edition of AACR2 have major implications for series authority records. More monographic series title changes are now considered to be "minor" changes. Changes that are "minor" do not require the creation of new series authority records; the changed title is simply added as a cross reference to an existing series authority record. The new rules are not to be applied retrospectively.

3. Lifting of Moratorium on SAR NACO Contributions

Now that all Yale catalogers have received training on the revised AACR2 rules, the local moratorium on contributing SARs through NACO has been lifted.

4. ACAC Now Reports to CCC

Rather than reporting directly to the Chief Cataloging Librarian, Joan Swanekamp, the Authority Control Advisory Committee will now be reporting to the Cataloging Coordinating Committee. The committee's charge will need slight revisions to reflect this change. The work of the committee should not be much affected.

5. Preliminary Results of the Review of the MARS Test File

The committee discussed the preliminary results of its review of the MARS test records. One major problem was discovered during the QA: MARS is removing 6XX fields that start with $6. These fields occur only in records with non-roman script. MARS has corrected the problem and will be sending us replacement records. The problem affected not only our test records but all of our CJK recon records that have been sent to MARS. Manon will send questions to MARS about some of the other problems discovered during the QA . The committee will meet again soon to discuss the full QA results.

6. ExportQ

Once the test results are satisfactory, we can begin extracting and sending to MARS the over 60K "gap" bib records that have been held back since last April as a result of the Voyager implementation. Once we begin this process, staff will have to pay strict attention to "do not update this bib record" messages appearing in Export Q. Any changes made to a bib record that is "out" for MARS processing will be overwritten once the record is loaded back into Orbis. Holdings and item records will not be affected. CJK catalogers might start using Export Q but the other teams whose records have non-roman script cannot use Export Q until we load RLIN snapshots of their bib records. Audrey Ho will be repeating her ExportQ demonstration session; all staff who update bib records in Orbis will be required to attend.

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