Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2003-05-06

Present: Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Maria Hunenko, Beatrice Luh, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Christina Tabereaux, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker.

1. New and Departing Members

The committee has a new member: Christina Tabereaux. Christina is the Assistant Catalog Management Librarian on the Catalog Management Team. The committee also has a departing member: Dajin Sun. Dajin is rotating off the committee after four years of service. Committee members generally serve two year terms with options for renewal. Members whose terms end this summer should let Manon know soon whether or not they would like to renew their terms.

2. Revisions to Charge and Home Page

Revisions to the charge were approved. Revisions included: updating unit names and titles to reflect recent name changes; indicating that the committee now reports directly to the Cataloging Coordinating Council rather than the Chief Cataloging Librarian; and expanding the committee's responsibilities to include the development of staff training initiatives.

Revisions to the committee's home page were approved. Revisions included: replacing the old charge with the new charge, revising the list of current members, and adding details on the committee's regular meeting time and place (first Tuesday of every month from 9-10:30 am in SML 411).

3. Future Meeting Locations

The committee is scheduled to meet in SML 411 but suggestions for alternative meeting locations are welcome. [After the meeting, Beatrice Luh offered to host the committee's July meeting at the EPH Library and Eric Friede offered to host the October meeting at the Divinity Library].

4. ExportQ Training Feedback

Manon relayed some of the complaints and suggestions for improvement that she had received during the recent ExportQ training to the Systems Office. The Systems Office thinks that the problems with the ExportQ program sometimes crashing or not refreshing properly are directly related to the way it interacts with the MacroExpress program. The two programs do not seem to work well together. Systems recommends that MacroExpress not be started until after ExportQ has been started. The Systems Office will look into the possibility of refining the program so that the ExportQ task bar icon will automatically maximize whenever a warning message is encountered and the possibility of allowing staff to customize their default export destinations.

5. MARS Production Extract and QA

The first production extract of bibliographic records for MARS was done on 4/15 and sent to OCLC on 4/16. The extract included all of the bibliographic records that had been flagged for export during the previous week's cataloging (3611 bibs total). Three records that had been flagged for export were excluded from the final extract because they were suppressed records. Manon will send a reminder to staff that suppressed records should not be exported and include an explanation of how to identify whether a record is suppressed.

The extracted records were processed by MARS and returned on 4/17 (a one-day turnaround). Systems loaded the records in DevOrbis for QA on 4/22. The committee reviewed a subset of these records. Only one bad change was found during the QA: the heading "650 #0 Elections$zCanada" was changed to "610 20 Elections Canada". This type of "correction" is unfortunate but not unexpected given our knowledge of how the processing works. The MARS matching software stripped the $z during normalization, found a match to the authority record for the corporate name, flipped the tag in the bib record, and replaced the heading. Manon will change the heading back to its original state after the record has been loaded into production Orbis. She has informed MARS, who responded that an enhancement is planned for the coming year that should help to prevent these incorrect flips.

Systems was given the go-ahead to load the records to production Orbis on 4/30.

6. MARS Record Loads

Marsha reported that Systems loaded 50 bib records from the MARS extract into production Orbis yesterday (5/5). Manon reviewed the records to make sure they loaded properly. Systems will load an additional 50 records for review today (5/6) and then load the remaining 3511 records by the end of the day. The ExportQ warning message for these records should disappear by tomorrow morning.

Starting next week, we should be able to follow a regular weekly extract/load schedule.

7. Remaining MARS Projects

The "gap" records (i.e. records that have been accumulating for the past year since we froze MARS extracts in preparation for the Voyager migration) still need to be sent for MARS processing. Systems is planning an intensive record extract/load project, starting sometime this month. Then the CJK, Arabic, and Hebraica records will need to be processed as special projects. The CJK project will include CJK records up through 4/9, the date on which our CJK catalogers began exporting records using ExportQ. For the Arabic and Hebraica records, we will order "snapshots" of the records from RLG. The snapshot records will be processed by MARs and then loaded into Orbis.

8. NACO Series Training

Judy Kuhagen is coming from the Library of Congress next week to do a three-day NACO Series training session for selected catalog librarians. Staff who have received the training in the past will receive copies of the new manuals.

9. Communication with Library Community

The committee will continue to send its minutes and its monthly tips to the YULCAT-L list.

Two YULIB messages will be drafted, one announcing the resumption of MARS processing, the other reminding staff of the "Authority Control at Yale" website and the information that can be found there, including the committee's monthly tips.

10. Future Committee Projects

From now on, the committee should no longer be so occupied with the Voyager MARS implementation. We should be able to return to some of the other projects identified in previous meetings. However, the "Authority Control Workflow for Acquisitions Staff" project will remain on hold because of the upcoming "Acquisitions Quality Improvement Initiative" scheduled to take place this month. This initiative may result in more general workflow changes. Susan will be attending the meetings.

The committee's next project will be to compile a list of messages that staff receive when the heading validation box pops up (e.g. "cosmetic differences" etc.). The list of messages will be annotated with short explanations of the meaning of each message and examples of the headings that would produce such messages. Ellen volunteered to get this project started. She will send out examples of message/heading combinations to us and we will contribute any new ones that we come across. At our next meeting (June 3rd), we will review what we have so far and decide how to present it to staff (e.g. monthly tip, web page, workshop, etc).

After completing the heading validation message project, we can turn to the series authority record project. The goal would be to do a one hour (or less) presentation for support staff addressing such topics as: how to validate series, how to interpret MARC tags in series authority records, and how to correct series in bib records (e.g. changing 440s to 490/830s). M&P staff would be welcome to attend as well.

Marsha asked whether the committee would be involved in the implementation of the Cataloger's Toolkit. Manon said she thinks that this responsibility will rest with a different group.

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