Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2003-06-03

Present: Eric Friede, Maria Hunenko, Beatrice Luh, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Christina Tabereaux, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker.

Absent: Ellen Ellickson, Marsha Garman.

1. MARS Status Report

To date, six extracts of bibliographic records from current cataloging have been sent to MARS for authorities processing. MARS has been processing the records quickly and returning them on the same day or the next day. Systems has been loading the returned records promptly.

The project to extract and process the gap records has not yet been scheduled and may be put on hold while Systems concentrates on loading the large numbers of bibliographic records that the Library has purchased from Serials Solutions and other vendors. These records provide access to our electronic resources. Many of these records will themselves have to go through MARS. The vernacular records will also be scheduled for processing at a later time.

2. ExportQ at NEVUG

The New England Voyager Users Group (NEVUG) is scheduled to meet on June 4th at Yale. A demonstration of the ExportQ program is scheduled for the Cataloging Special Interest Group. Manon distributed two handouts that were prepared for the session, including her PowerPoint presentation and a brief technical overview written by Roy Lechich and Jeff Barnett. Manon will mount the documents on the "Authority Control at Yale" website:

3. Messages in the Voyager Authorities Validation Dialog Box

At the last meeting, Ellen volunteered to start compiling a list of the different authority validation messages that can appear in the Voyager authorities validation dialog box. This box is generated whenever a bib record is saved to the database. She found examples of six different messages and sent them out for comments. Manon then created a draft web page using screenshots of the examples that Ellen had provided. Eric subsequently identified two additional messages.

During the meeting, the group discussed the web page and the possible actions that should be taken when the various messages are encountered. The group also identified several situations that should generate slightly different messages based on the type of cross references present in the authority records and the $w coding used in those references. Earl, Manon, Eric, Christina, and Maria each volunteered to investigate one of these situations further.

Manon distributed a handout from the 2001.1 Voyager Cataloging User's Guide (p. 167-169) that purports to explain the authorities validation messages, but the explanations were insufficient (and only four messages were identified!).

The results of the committee's investigations will probably be used in an upcoming authorities tip on YULCAT. There may even be a series of tips on this topic, given the many possible messages that can appear.

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