Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2003-08-05

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Maria Hunenko, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Christina Tabereaux, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder).

Absent: Marsha Garman, Susan Tucker.

1. Membership

Earl and Rick have renewed their spots for a second term; Beatrice has rotated off; Jerry Anne has come on as a new member. Manon will update the membership section of the committee's web page:

2. MARS Update

We are keeping up with MARS processing of current cataloging and slowly getting caught up on processing the backfile of bib records that accumulated after the migration to Voyager. The backfile records are being sent in chunks in reverse chronological order. As of July 29th, we were caught up through November 11th, 2002. We are generally sending and loading two batches of records per week (more than half of which are backfile records) although lately we have only been sending one batch per week. The slow-down has resulted from a combination of factors: MARS not always returning a file as quickly as they normally do, MARS loads conflicting with other loads or keyword index re-gens, and the decision to interrupt "regular" MARS processing to send records purchased from Serials Solutions through MARS processing. The CJK and vernacular record processing is still on the back burner until the backfile is caught up.

3. Voyager 2001.2 Update

The problems that led to a moratorium on importing authority records from LCDB has been fixed in the new 2001.2 version of Voyager. After the upgrade scheduled to take place on the weekend of July 8th-10th, Manon will send a message announcing that the moratorium has been lifted. Importing authority records from LCDB should only be necessary when staff need to update a series authority record with local classing and analysis decisions. 035 fields containing old NOTIS numbers and LCDB Voyager ID numbers should be deleted manually after import.

The "merge problem" that affected authority record loading and importing has been partially fixed in 2001.2. Currently the system is set to retain any 644 or 646 field in an authority record that differs from the fields in an incoming record. After the upgrade, we will be able to set the system to only retain 644 and 646 fields that contain Yale codes (and differ from incoming records). But we will still end up with undesired duplicate data. Manon will update the web page devoted to this problem:

4. RLG Focus Group

Manon reported that she and Mickey Koth were members of the RLG Focus Group looking at the redesign of the RLIN authorities interface. Decisions made by RLG to-date include:

--Retain earlier versions of name and subject authority records.

--Replace RLIN mnemonics in the fixed fields with MARC 21 tags; a MARC editor will display the MARC 21 name of each byte in the field and valid values. (Cannot enter an invalid value.)

--Use the LC's record ID as carried in the 001 field of the authority record as the NAF ID (no more "NAFL, NAFR, NAFO" RLIN prefixes). Instead of two separate indexes -- one for LCCN and one for RLIN ID. will have only one index. Searching by LCCN will be the same as by ID and can be searched exactly the same way. (Currently, LCCN n 93041788 converts to ID NAFL9341788 -- with left-most zeros removed in the numeric augmentation.)

--User can enter saved records which automatically expire after 60 days if not put into production.

--Support generating an authority heading from a heading in a bibliographic record either in the RLG Union Catalog or
in the user's local system (if the local system's server supports Use Attribute 12).

5. Authority Validation Messages Project

Manon distributed a list of all the possible authority validation messages that can be generated in Voyager, as identified by members of the committee. Eleven messages have been identified thus far (as opposed to the 4 messages identified in Voyager documentation). These messages are currently the focus of the group's monthly authorities tips:

6. ExportQ

Systems Office programmer Roy Lechich has been working on an improved version of ExportQ. The committee will serve as testers for this version when it is ready.

It was recently discovered that a staff member did not have the current version of ExportQ installed on his workstation. The current version is numbered 2.1. Older versions of the program do not display the red warning messages and will result in the unintended loss of data during record overlays.

7. New Project: Series Workshop

The committee's next project will be to develop a workshop on interpreting series authorities records. The workshop will be intended primarily for support staff, but any staff member will be welcome to attend. It should be no longer than one hour. Ellen, Christina, and Jerry Anne volunteered to design the workshop and serve as presenters; other committee members will review drafts and provide input.

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