Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2004-02-03

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Christina Tabereaux, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker. Absent: Ellen Ellickson, Maria Hunenko.

1. Voyager Unicode Testing

Testing of the Voyager Unicode release will begin this week. Manon will test authority records; other people in the Unicode testers' group will test MFHD and bib records. The committee will probably not need to be involved in authority record testing.

2. ExportQ 2.2.2 Testing

The committee will be testing a new version of the ExportQ client (version 2.2.2). Manon will send testing instructions. The new version of the program has two files (exportq.exe and exportq.ini). The previous test version had only the exportq.exe file.

In the new version, the minimized ExportQ icon in the system tray will start blinking whenever a bib record is out for MARS processing. The program can also play a sound if the staff member uses speakers or headphones. The blinking speed can be controlled and the sound turned on/off by editing the exportq.ini file. The committee should make recommendations for default settings.

The new version of the client should also fix the problem of the bib record number "freezing" in the ExportQ window after one tries to close the window by mistake and help to reduce the number of error messages. An improved version of the server program has already helped reduce these error messages. The client program is written in Visual Basic; the server program is written in Java.

Committee members should install the new files (exportq.exe and exportq.ini) in their VoyagerExtensions folders (after renaming the current version of the exportq.exe file). Manon will send sample bib record numbers to be tested in Production. The numbers will only be good for a few days. Committee members should send comments by the end of the week if possible.

3. Series Workshop

"Final touches" still need to be made to the presentation and a draft sent to committee members for final approval.

4. Authority Control Tips

Possible topics for future monthly tips (after the current series on authority validation messages) were discussed. These included: how authority records "come to be"; X51 vs. X10 tagging for jurisdictions; and 1XX/240 vs. X10$t tagging for name-title headings.

5. Authority Control Workflow for Acquisitions Staff

The committee had postponed its plans for writing an authority control workflow for acquisitions staff pending outcomes from the "Selection Through Acquisitions" project. Susan reported on the project's progress and current status. It is still too soon to resume our plans for the workflow but we may be able to do so in a couple of months.

6. MARS Update

A new "electronic resources" stream has been set up for MARS processing. This stream is for record sets purchased from vendors for electronic resources. Two sets have been processed to date: Serials Solutions and ITPro/24x7. The Serials Solutions records have been loaded to production. The ITPro/24x7 records will be loaded to test Orbis before being loaded to production. Many of the record sets have periodic installment of update files. Not every record set will be sent for processing. Decisions are made by on a case-by-case basis by Joan, Manon, and Matthew.

CJK serial recon records have been processed by MARS and have been loaded in test Orbis. These records mark the end of CJK recon.

Earl identified a bib record that had been incorrectly processed by MARS. The non-filing indicator for a map with title "La Paz, Bolivia" had been changed from "0" to "3" because the bib record was coded as "Spanish" and the word "la" is a definite article in Spanish. Presumably if the record had been coded as English, the indicator would have been left as "0". Other situations where this might be a problem were discussed, including titles beginning with other geographic names, titles beginning with names of artists or groups, and titles beginning with acronyms (such as "THE journal"). Manon will investigate our options and bring information back to the committee for a recommendation.

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