Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2004-10-05

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Earl Roy, Rick Sarcia, Eileen Smith, Karen Spicher, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker.

Absent: Marsha Garman.

1. Strawn "Authority Delete" Program Tested and Implemented

Testing of Gary Strawn's Authority Delete program has been completed. Manon began using the program to delete obsolete authority records in LCDB in late September. Our source for LCDB authority records is a company called Peter Ward. Peter Ward sends us new, changed, and deleted authority records, together in a single file, every week. When the Systems Office loads the records, the delete records are rejected by Voyager and shunted off into a discard file. Ever since migrating to Voyager, we have been accummulating these discard files. Manon is now working through this backlog of discard files using the Authority Delete program. She is running about 10 files every day and estimates we have about 100 files left to go before we are fully caught up with deletes in LCDB.

The committee discussed whether to next use the Authority Delete program to automatically delete authority records from production Orbis. Currently we are doing these deletes manually. Automating the process would be a timesaver. The only downside is the possibility that we might occasionally delete an authority record with local classification and analysis information. When we do manual deletes, we can be on the lookout for such information and transfer it to the "kept" authorty record as needed (authority record deletes usually come about because duplicate records are discovered in the authority file); if the delete process is automated, we cannot do this. The committee agreed that the possibility of losing local information was fairly small and recommended that we go ahead and implement the Authority Delete program in Orbis.

2. Minor Change to MARS Profile

In response to a request from our East Asia Library, our MARS profile has been tweaked so that subject headings with 2nd indicator 7 and $2 sk will not be deleted. These subject headings are often present on East Asian rare book records. The $2 code "sk" indicates that the terms come from the following thesaurus: "Zhong guo gu ji shan ban shu zong mu" fen lei biao [Si ku] (Bei jing: Zhong guo gu ji shan ban shu zong mu bian ji ling dao xiao zu ban gong shi).

3. MARS / Exploration of In-House Authority Control Model

OCLC is currently re-evaluating the MARS service; possible changes in the near future include new ownership. Should the service change hands, we might want to continue with the new company, we might want to switch to another service, or we might decide to abandon vendor-assisted authority control altogether in favor of doing all authority work "in-house". Manon has begun exploring this last option in greater detail. She presented a first draft of a report on the topic to the committee for feedback. Discussion of this draft took up the remainder of the meeting. Manon will incorporate the committee's many useful comments into her next draft. She has also sent the draft to the NACO Coordinating Committee for comment.

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