Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2005-01-04

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Earl Roy, Eileen Smith, Karen Spicher, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder), Susan Tucker.

Absent: Ellen Ellickson, Rick Sarcia.

1. Minor Change of Wording in ACAC Committee Charge

Manon has substituted "Integrated Systems and Programming Group (Integrated Library Technology Services)" for " Projects, Database, and Analysis (Systems Office)" to reflect that group's recent name change.

2. Processing LCDB Authority Record Deletes - Status Report

Manon has finished processing the backlog of LCDB authority record delete files using Gary Strawn's Authority Delete program. She will be processing these delete files on a regular basis from now on, resulting in a "cleaner" resource file for catalogers to use. The delete files had been accumulating since our Orbis2 migration because Voyager does not have a method for processing files of deleted authority records.

3. Processing MARS Delete and Change reports - Status Report

Delete Reports. Manon has begun processing the Orbis authority record delete files that we get from MARS using Gary Strawn's Authority Delete program. Since the migration to Voyager we have been deleting these authority records manually one at a time. She will be processing these delete files using the Strawn program on a regular basis from now on. The bib record headings will continue to be changed manually. Unfortunately, over the past few months these changes have been accumulating because of staff shortages. One student had to be let go in September because he had ceased to be a student. The student hired in November to replace him worked only a short time before the holiday break before deciding last week not to continue in the position. Catalog Management Team member Sharon Forbes, who usually works part-time on the MARS reports, was asked to devote all of her time to recon cleanup last fall. That clean-up is now finished.

Change Reports. We have never had the staff to process these reports and so are very behind in changing the bib record headings, though some of the bigger changes have been done as special projects.

4. MARS Processing of Vendor Records for E-Resources - Status Report

The decision was made to only send new Serial Solutions records to MARS from now on. We had also been sending the updated records that we receive from Serial Solutions as well but the volume of updates has been so high that we can no longer afford to send them. A decision was also made to start processing the records for the ACLS history e-books. Finally, we recently processed a one-time file (ca. 16K) of records for U.S. Executive Branch government documents on microfilm.

A record of the decisions for various vendor-supplied record sets is maintained at:

5. MARS Transition from OCLC to Backstage Library Works - Status Report

As previously announced, OCLC sold the MARS service to Backstage Library Works in October.

Press release:
New MARS website:
New MARS planning guide:

Backstage has been processing our bib records on the OCLC server since the sale but they are supposed to move to their own server by the end of this month. We need to put together a file of bib records to test MARS processing on the Backstage server.

6. New Business: Compiling MARS-Backstage Test File

Manon distributed a draft set of instructions for putting together a MARS-Backstage test file. Each person will be testing a different category of heading and will create at least 10 bib records in TOrbis designed to test the processing of that heading type. Manon will also ask Mickey Koth and Sarah Elman if they would like to create test records for Music and CJK materials. Marsha will point TOrbis to the test database on Clark. Committee members brainstormed on good things to test, including:

-does a heading in cross-reference form flip to authorized heading?
-what happens to a heading that is a cross reference on multiple authority records? (e.g. an acronym)
-is a heading with no final punctuation (or double punctuation, or incorrect final punctuation) corrected?
-is a heading with incorrect subfield coding corrected? (e.g. dates in personal name coded $c rather than $d)
-are subject headings processed according to our specifications <>?
-are local 69X headings ignored? are matching authority records sent?
-are $e relator terms ignored?
-are missing diacritics added?
-are slightly different $d dates corrected? (e.g. b. 1940 vs. 1940-)
-are untraced series changed to traced and vice versa as appropriate?
-what happens when series or other uniform titles, including name titles, have initial articles?
-are obsolete indicators corrected? (e.g. are personal name indicators 20 changed to 1#)
-how are subject heading splits handled? subject subdivision splits?
-are $x subdivisions ignored or changed to $v?
-are series $v ignored?
-what about "new series" in $n vs. $v?
-what about non-heading changes?
-what about conferences originally established as one-time conferences (with qialifiers) that then get the qualifiers removed from the authority record because they are discovered to be ongoing? Does MARS strip the qualifier from the bib hdg?
-what about Hebraica records received as copy with B.C. dates expressed as B.C.E. and O.T. missing from Bible headings?
-is double punctuation in DCRB records retained?
-are special characters retained? (e.g. degree symbols, superscript characters in signature statements)
-are 655 and 656 headings retained?
-can $yEarly works to 1800 be corrected to $v?
-can mix-ups in $s and $p in Bible headings be corrected?
-are 2nd indicator 4 subjects with non-roman scripts retained?
-are name-titles with $t that match $x or $v retained?
-are non-roman scripts corrupted?

Looking over the results from past tests may also give us ideas for our test records:

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