Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2005-11-01

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Ellen Ellickson, Jenn Nolte, Este Pope (guest), Rick Sarcia, Michael Scott, Eileen Smith, Karen Spicher, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder).

Absent: Eric Friede.

1. Membership

Michael Scott (Latin American Team) and Jenn Nolte (Integrated Systems & Programming) have joined the committee, replacing Earl Roy and Marsha Garman respectively.

2. MARS Processing of Current Cataloging

We resumed MARS processing of current cataloging on October 13th. The problems relating to 2nd indicator values in our 880 fields were resolved, except for one: when MARS is changing a 4xx field with an initial article to a 4xx/8xx combination, the inserted 880 that corresponds to the inserted 830 will not have the indicator value set correctly.

We are sending MARS approximately 20K current cataloging records each week and will continue this pace until we are caught up with the backlog of records flagged for export using ExportQ. The number of matching authority records received in return is usually about half the number of bib records. All record loads must be completed before the Unicode conversion of Orbis. This constitutues a significant increase in both bibliographic and authority record loads by IS&P and the ITS Library Group.

We are currently sending our current cataloging to MARS in MARC-8. Preliminary tests have shown that MARS is not able to handle records sent in UTF-8 as well. Not all of the corrections made to the MARC-8 test records were also made in the UTF-8 versions of those same test records. Since we are about to upgrade Orbis to UTF-8, this is problematic. One approach would be to convert our UTF-8 records to MARC-8 before sending them to MARS and then converting them back to UTF-8 when we load them. But no decisions have been made at this point.

3. MARS Processing of our RLG Snapshots

RLG completed their snapshots of our Hebraica Collection (CTYH) and Near East Collection (CTYN) bib records on Oct. 20th. There were approximately 62K records for CTYH and 78K records for CTYN. MARS completed processing the records on Oct. 24th. The authority records were loaded into production Orbis on Oct. 27th. Samples of 100 bib records from each snapshot have been loaded into TORBIS for evaluation. The CTYH and CTYN records will be loaded into Orbis before our Unicode conversion, overlaying the existing "old versions" of the records in Orbis (most of which lack vernacular fields). Until they are loaded, however, these "old records" in Orbis must not be updated or the updates will be lost during the overlay.

Catalogers in the Hebraica and Near East units have started sending their daily cataloging to MARS using ExportQ the same as other units. The Yale policy on exporting bib records has been revised to reflect this change:

4. MARS R86 Report

MARS recently began offering a special report to its customers: the R86 report which lists each field changed during processing that is linked to a parallel 880 field. Example:

CTYH02-B1194 Old 100 1 $6880-01$aGinzburg, Joseph.
New 100 1 $6880-01$aGinzburg, Yosef.

The report costs $100 each time it is run. We have requested the report for all files of records being sent to MARS this fall. It is cost-effective for these large files (the snapshots and the 20K weekly files), will give us a good sense of what kinds of corrections are being made to our vernacular records, and will help us identify vernacular headings that we might want to correct locally (MARS does not correct the headings in 880 fields, just the tags, indicators, and $6 links). When we are back on a normal schedule of sending ca. 3K records per week, however, we will re-evaluate; we might not want to pay for these reports for small files of records.

5. LCDB Loads Behind Schedule

Jenn reported on some problems we've been having staying current with our LCDB loads. Since the spring, the LC bib record files that we receive from our vendor, Peter Ward, have shown an enormous increase in size. For example, in January we were receiving monograph files of about 33K each week but by August the files were closer to 90K. We have been receiving more records than we have time to load. No files (bibliographic or authority) have been loaded since August 2005.

IS&P analyzed the bib record files and discovered that the majority of the bib records in the files have a publication date prior to 1990. Since we want LCDB to be a resource file of LC bib records for primarily new publications, IS&P recommended that we load only those records that fall within a certain date range (e.g., 1990-present or 1998-present), discarding the remaining records.

Manon noticed that these older "problem records" all seem to have an 042 "premarc" field and found an explanation for why these records are getting distributed by LC: . The 042 field might provide an easier way of filtering out the unwanted records. Rick commented that he had noticed some of the premarc records in LCDB and that their titles did not display. He will look for some examples.

The disruption of our regular LCDB record loads means that recently-created authority records are not available in LCDB (requiring staff to perform the extra step of searching in the utilities or on the LC website in order to find the records). It also means that obsolete authority records (i.e. those that have been deleted in the national file and in Orbis) are not getting purged from LCDB and those headings may be inadvertantly re-introduced into Orbis by cataloging staff.

6. Authorities Testing for Voyager 5.0

Manon reported on testing of authorities functionality in Voyager 5.0.

Authorities-related testing in the OPAC:

-- original script subject heading with 2nd indicator 4 displayed okay in Brief View but didn't display in Long View; seems like this should be an easy fix in our local OPAC .cfg files...

-- still have a problem with cross-references not displaying unless unsubdivided forms of a subject heading are present in the database. Example: Compare a search on the subject heading "Rape" in both the OPAC and Cataloging. The OPAC gives you only 3 narrower-term xrefs; Cataloging gives you 6 narrower-term xrefs. The OPAC does not show the narrower term xref to "Rape in marriage" because we don't have any records with "Rape in marriage" used by itself. We only have subdivided forms of the heading, like "Rape in marriage$xIndonesia".

-- still have problem (similar to above) with: see references to parent bodies don't work if we only have headings for the subordinate bodies. Example: An Author search on the xref "American Academy (Berlin, Germany)" will not lead to the heading for "American Academy in Berlin.$bLibrary" because we have no records with the authorized form of the parent body "American Academy in Berlin".

-- fixed bug: references for authority records for headings with scope notes in 360 fields were not displaying

-- fixed bug: certain ways of limiting and sorting of headings lists would result in error messages

-- bug not fixed (?): references sometimes "disappear" for no reason; this might have something to do with how often the database is "refreshed"

Authorities-related testing of Gary Strawn's Authority Delete program:

-- initially only seemed to work on machines with Windows XP and wouldn't even install on other machines (a problem because Manon, the only person who uses the Authority Delete program, does not have XP). However, Ernie made tweaks to some files after talking to Gary Strawn and all seems okay.

Authorities-related testing in Cataloging:

-- fixed bug: initial articles in 440 fields are now ignored by the system (as they should be) when a search is initiated on those fields from the Authorities Validation Box

-- LCDB cross-reference bug ("Reference" label does not display if no bibliographic records contain the authorized heading or its cross-reference form) is still a bug (we reported June 2004 - do we need to resubmit?):

-- the "Save to Database and Close" command has been changed from Ctrl-Z to Ctrl-Q.

-- when searching LCDB for an authority record for a heading with diacritics, the diacritics do not display correctly in the "select 1 or more auth records" box; headings that have macros are even truncated; record looks okay though.

-- when importing an authority record for a heading with diacritics, the dedupe screen comes up (as it should) but the diacritics do not display correctly in the 1XX heading column; the authority record merge seemed to go okay though.

-- new "Keyword" radio button in the "Search by" section under the Find and Browse radio buttons. Sounds like you're supposed to be able to use it in conjunction with the Staff Heading searches to do keyword searches of headings (and hopefully authority records) but every time try to use, get a "The search failed" message.

-- Authorities Validation Box: Copy button: still get inconsistent results with this button; works sometimes but not others.

-- Authorities Validation Box: Create Auth button: creates an authority record with CTY in the 040 not CtY (the same problem exists in current Voyager). There must be a setting somewhere in SysAdmin that we can edit to change this and make it use CtY. But we don't actually create authority records in Voyager so it doesn't matter too much. It would be best if we could disable it actually, but I don't think we can. We may want to use it at some point in the future.

-- Authorities Validation Box: System Tray icon: if you bring up the Authorities Validation box, it creates an icon in the system tray at the bottom of your screen. If you keep the Validation box open but click on the bib record then try to click back on the icon to display the box again, it takes about 3 clicks to actually retrieve it (same problem exists in current Voyager).

-- The following actions all seemed to work okay (except for the specific problems noted above):

View the MARC Tab
View the Authority leader
View Authority 008 Fixed Fields
View the System Tab
View the History tab
Add an Authority Record
Edit/Update Authority Records
Deleting Authority Records
Saving Authority Records to Orbis
Authority Dedupe/Importing from RLIN and LCDB
Field protection during merge (090, 644 CtY, 646 CtY, 690)
Authorities Validation Box
Authorities Searching in Cataloging (including use of filters)
Heading + Xref Searching in OPAC (including scope notes generated by 663 and 360 fields)
Creating + Searching Headings with Long Fields
Copy/paste from bib to auth and vice versa
Retrieve All Authorities command
Validate Single Heading by right clicking

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