Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2005-12-13

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Rick Sarcia, Michael Scott, Eileen Smith, Karen Spicher, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder).

Absent: Jenn Nolte.

1. ExportQ

ILTS brought down ExportQ the afternoon of Wed Nov. 9 to see if it would help speed up the ImportQ phase in record loads (i.e., what causes the red warning in the ExportQ window to go away). It did not significantly speed up the process.


Both RLG snapshots have been processed and loaded. We are caught up with backlog of current cataloging. We *might* start sending our current cataloging to Backstage on a biweekly schedule (rather than weekly) starting sometime next year. The primary drawback is that authority records would take one week longer to make their way into Orbis. The benefit would be reducing by half the number of files to be managed (while still keeping each one under the optimal 10K file size limit), thus freeing up a little staff time for both ILTS and the Authority Control Librarian.

3. LCDB Bug

Rick discovered that LCDB searches sometimes retrieve Titles Lists with "empty" fields in LCDB (i.e., author, title, imprint do not display until you actually open the bib record). This has been reported to ILTS, but no word back yet on what might be causing this and whether it can be fixed.

Sample searches: Try a Staff Subject Headings search for "Philosophy Introductions". It pulls up some 300 records, but the first three in the title list show only the subject heading, with no author, title or imprint info (at least on my machine). The first title ("Doing philosophy" by Schick) is a prepublication record, so I thought that might have been the issue, but the other two titles ("Introducing philosophy" by Solomon, and "Confessions of a philosopher" by Magee) are full level records. The same display problem occurs if you do a Staff Name Headings search on "Nabert, Nathalie" -- the first title does not display -- and a Staff Title Headings search on "Zone (Series)" -- the first title does not display.

Manon suggested that Rick send a message to YULCAT-L warning other staff about the problem.

[Note: Manon subsequently discovered the problem in production Orbis as well and reported it. ILTS tracked down the source of this problem: loading records with KW index updating turned off. Whether we will be able to do anything about this situation in the future is unclear. We cannot get through all the record loads unless we turn KW indexing off. Some records will display in the result list with blank fields until the KW index is regenerated.]

4. Revisions to Yale Authority Control Documentation

Revisions to "Authority Control Workflow for Yale C&T Staff" and "Authority Control Workflow for Yale Catalog Librarians" were discussed. Manon will make an announcement about the revised "Authority Control Workflow for Yale Catalog Librarians" document on the YULCAT-L list, highlighting the two new sections in the FAQ, the revision to Step 3 in the NACO Workflow, and the new "Comparison Chart for Authority Record Searching in LC/RLIN21/OCLC". The changes to "Authority Control Workflow for Yale C&T Staff" are minor and do not need to be announced.

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