Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2006-06-20

Present: Jenn Nolte, Rick Sarcia, Michael Scott, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder).

Absent: Jerry Anne Dickel, Ellen Ellickson, Eric Friede, Eileen Smith, Karen Spicher.

1. Death Date Problem

The committee doscussed problems resulting from LC's change in policy regarding the addition of death dates to headings. Since the LC decision, death dates have been getting added to authority record headings at a furious pace. We receive the changed authority records in a timely way from our authorities vendor, MARS, and we load them into ORBIS. However, changing the headings in the bibliographic records lags far behind. As a result of this time lag, two unfortunate scenarios (affecting anyone who searches ORBIS) are becoming increasingly common:

Scenario #1. Cross references for a name will not display in the OPAC unless at least one bib record with the name has had the death date added.

Scenario #2. Cross references that do display will not link properly unless all bib records with the name have had the death date added.

Manon has made fixing headings that have had death dates added a higher priority. The committee agreed to send a message to YULIBL about this problem.

2. ALA Presentation on Records With Non-Roman Headings

Manon gave a run-through of a presentation she will be giving at ALA Annual Conference to the Authority Control Interest Group on "Keeping Vernacular Fields Synchronized with Romanized Fields Using MARS".

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