Authority Control Advisory Committee

Authority Control Advisory Committee Minutes

Date: 2007-03-20

Present: Jerry Anne Dickel, Ellen Ellickson, Tachtorn (Wheat) Meier, Jenn Nolte, Rick Sarcia, Michael Scott, Eileen Smith, Karen Spicher, Manon Théroux (chair and recorder).

1. New Yale CMS Task Forces

Some new task forces have recently been created in SML Cataloging & Metadata Services (formerly called the Catalog Department).

Jerry Anne and Wheat are members of the task force looking at responsibilities for Level E staff. One idea under discussion is whether Level E staff might begin creating NACO authority records for simple personal name headings.

Manon is a member of the task force investigating making core-level records (encoding level 4) the default standard for cataloging done by the department. Two bullets in the task force's change relate to authority records:

--Assess current authority record creation practices, recommending revision to existing practice or new policies as needed.
--Examine the benefits and disadvantages of following local policies and requirements for authority records, rather than the PCC core standard [note: The PCC core standard basically says to create an authority record for every heading].

2. LCDB Cross Reference Bug Fixed

Manon has discovered that a longstanding problem with LCDB searches has apparently been fixed. The problem was that the "Reference" label for cross references did not display if no bibliographic records contained the authorized heading or its cross-reference forms. Now, the label displays as it should. Manon has taken down the "Authority Control at Yale" web page that documented the problem.

3. More Info on Voyager 6.1 Bug: Dashes in Headings

At our last meeting, we discussed problems with the new Voyager display of double dashes before subject subdivisions: the dashes display as they should in results of "Subject" searches in the OPAC and "Staff Subject Heading" and "Staff Subject Subdivision" searches in the cataloging client but, unfortunately, they do NOT display in the following subject searches: "Special Collections Subject" (OPAC and client); "Subject: Genre" (client); "Subjects" (client); and "Names" (client). The Exlibris Knowledge Base incident number is #128664.

Now, Manon has discovered that the dashes also do not display in "Staff Subject Heading Search" results if the only thing retrieved is an authority record. The incident report needs to be updated.

4. Checklist for Testing Authorities Functionality in New Voyager Releases

The committee reviewed a checklist, drafted by Manon, for testing heading and authorities functionality in new Voyager releases (both the OPAC and the cataloging client). The committee suggested some additional items. Manon will update the document, add Exlibris Knowledge Base incident numbers (when known) for system bugs, and post the document to the "Authority Control at Yale" site for future use:

A link will be provided from the "Voyager" section of the website:

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