SACO Coordinating Committee at Yale

SACO Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2005-01-12

Present: Steven Arakawa, Sarah Elman, Daniel Lovins (chair and recorder), Nancy Lyon, Chris Smith.

Absent: Manon Théroux

1. Review of committee charge

Daniel read through official charge, and asked if there were any comments, questions, suggested changes, etc. from committee members. And there were. Regarding "review Yale's SACO proposals", we discussed whether librarians who are comfortable submitting proposals directly to LC, or those who already have SACO mentors not necessarily attached to our committee, should nevertheless be encouraged to change their routine and start routing their proposals through us. Consensus seems to be that review by our committee is entirely voluntary, and that those already comfortable with their routines should not be inconvenienced. Steven suggested a slight change of wording to our charge, then, to emphasize the fact that review by our committee is entirely optional. Daniel will revise wording (perhaps to something like "review Yale's SACO proposals upon request ") .

Along the same lines, Daniel suggested that Manon might want to revise some language on the "SACO Workflow at Yale" Web page. Currently, the fourth bullet on the page mentions (and links to) the SACO web submission form. The fifth bullet mentions (and links to) the email version of the proposal form, recommended in cases where a person wants proposal reviewed before submission. Bullet 5 currently says: "Optionally, you may copy the SACO e-mail proposal form into a blank e-mail message, fill it out, and ask your NACO reviewer to look it over for you first ... ." Daniel recommends that the wording be changed to include and possibly prefer review by SCC. Again, we wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone, but perhaps there are NACO reviewers out there either not experienced with SACO, or not interested in being given the extra work. [DANIEL ADDS: How will SACO proposals get to us? Should certain groups of catalogers be assigned to certain committee members? Should NACO Coordinating Committee distribution be used as a model?] Daniel suggested that we offer author of proposal option to attend SCC meeting, and make a kind of "defense" of their proposal. This idea was discussed but not to conclusion, so needs to be revisited on List or at next meeting.

2. Current Proposals

(a). Tenth of Av, etc : Daniel presented several SACO proposals relating to the Karaite holiday "Tenth of Av". His main question involved an apparent contradiction between SCM H2015 and established heading-subdvision combinations beginning with "Fasts and feasts" in the LC/SACO authority file. SCM prescribes use of "multiples" for subdivision of inherently religious topics, and "Fasts and feasts" qualifies as such a topic. But the authority file contains "Fasts and feasts--Buddhism" and "Fasts and feasts--Hinduism" as explicit precoordinated strings. Is this a mistake? Isn't Buddhism supposed to be the pattern for non-Christian religions, and therefore serve as the model for the multiple, i.e. " Fasts and feasts--Budhism [Judaism, etc.]"? Several committee members suggested that the heading for Buddhism may have been established this way on purpose to serve as a broader term to another established heading. However, could it not still have been established as a multiple? Committee was not able to reach consensus on this. Perhaps LC Coop Team or CPSO will shed light on matter after receiving proposal.

In any event, Steven pointed out that SCM H2015 section 3 provides additional guidance: "If a heading has been subdivided in the subject authority file by one or more names without provision for a multiple ... establish either or both of the above multiples as required for the work being cataloged." Daniel will thus propose the heading in the form of a multiple, namely: "Fasts and feasts--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]." He can then use "Fasts and Feasts--Karaites" as the broader term to his other proposal "Tenth of Av", since LC would be expected (if necessary?) to create that broader term.

Steven suggested notifying CPSO that the "Fasts and feasts" authority record (unsubdivided) has error in 680 field. Currently it reads: "The heading may also be divided by religious body or non-Christian religion, e.g. Fasts and feasts--Catholic Church, [Judaism, etc.]". It should say: "... Fasts and feasts--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]." Daniel will notify authorities.

Regarding Daniel's classification proposal for Karaite Tenth of Av, Steven suggested something on the analogy of BM970 ("Samaritans fasts and feasts"). Currently there is no special range of number dedicated to Karaite holidays (perhaps because of their near-identity to Rabbinic ones?), and BM185, the spot already reserved for works on Karaites, treats various topics exclusive of festivals.

(b) Feather pictures . Steven presented a proposal for "Feather pictures", and solicited opinions about choice of heading. "Feather pictures" is not cited in 670s, but wording seemed to fit LC patterns "Fabric pictures" and "Preserved flower pictures" (cited in 952). Is this OK? Other possibilities include "Feather painting", and "Feather painting (Collage)". Meeting ended abruptly before consensus could be reached.

3. Future meetings

In order to secure access to the Subject Cataloging Manual and other electronic documents and databases critical to committee deliberations, Daniel will request of Administrative Services that computer and projection screen be provided for all future meetings. A back-up plan would be to meet around Steven's computer (where there is room for several chairs).

4. Other items (still needing attention)

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