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Yale SACO Update Proposal Form

Library staff may use this form to send proposals for LCSH subject heading changes to the Yale SACO Coordinating Committee.

Instructions for using form; please read carefully before inputting proposal:

  1. Do not explicitly code for an initial subfield in any field (i.e., $a, $w, $z)
  2. Use the dollar sign $ to note a delimiter before the subfield code (e.g, $x, $z)
  3. 1XX, 4XX, or 5XX headings with subdivisions require keying the subfields by using a delimiter ($) and the appropriate MARC subfield code.
  4. Add diacritics preceding the affected letter (e.g., M(acute)exico) as appropriate. Please save time by copying and pasting from the list of diacritics. Using this lists helps prevent typos and provides a uniform name for the diacritic.
  5. When citing geographic coordinates spell out the coordinates (e.g., 47deg. 35min. 34sec.N)
  6. For additional help go to the Guidelines for formulating LCSH proposals.

Today's date:

010 LCCN of record to be changed: e.g., sh200101234 (do not include hyphens)
040 MARC 21 identification code: (not utility code)
Change Add Delete 053:
1XX heading on existing record:
Change 1XX to:
Change Add Delete 4xx:
Change Add Delete 4xx:
Change Add Delete 4xx:
Change Add Delete 5xx:
Change Add Delete 5xx:
Change Add Delete 5xx:
Note: When adding 5XX RT, please note in comments box below.

Add 670

Add 670

Add 670

Change Add Delete 680: Scope note:
Change Add Delete 781:
Change Add Delete 667:
Comments; additional 053s, 4xxs; 670s, etc.:

Submitted by:


e-mail: [NOTE: Provide only ONE address; more than one address causes failure of proposal to load properly]


If you want a copy of your proposal please use your browser print button before clicking on SUBMIT button.

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