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Library Units

List does not include special libraries & collections

Last updated on
April 10, 2015



  1. Vision Statement
  2. Catalog and Metadata Services Goals 2007/2008
  3. Catalog and Metadata Services Goals 2008/2009
  4. Catalog and Metadata Services Strategic Plan 2008 Microsoft Word Document
  5. Catalog Dept. Recommendations [DRAFT]
  6. Core Level TF Final Report Microsoft Word Document
  7. Minimal Level Task Force Microsoft Word Document
  8. Acquisitions Flowchart Adobe Portable Document File
  9. Workflow Overview Flowchart Adobe Portable Document File
  10. Shelflisting TF Final Report Microsoft Word Document
  11. Bibliography (D. Lovins)
  12. CMS Web Log

Departmental Policies

Departmental Procedures     


  1. SML CMS Special Processing Instructions 
  2. Arts Library Processing Change (Paul Conway) 01/01/2000
  3. New Procedures for Cataloging Belletristic Materials at SML
  4. Belletristic Call Numbers (SML) 2008 version
  5. CatProbs Blog
  6. Cataloging Electronic Materials at Yale (CD-ROMs, e-journals, etc.)
  7. CIP: Guidelines for upgrading with examples  
  8. Copy Cataloging Processing Workflow 
  9. Microform Guides (JS/REK) 9/02/99
  10. Monographs with Accompanying Microforms (MLM) 7/12/90
  11. Numismatics 
  12. Oversize 
  13. Provisional Analytics Created by Serial Support Staff 
  14. SML/CCL Procedures for Media


  2. Rules for marking by volume number/year
  3. Mudd Serial/Multipart Workflow 
  4. Standards for Recording Serial Holdings in MFHD 
  5. Series Tracing 
  1. Microform Copy and Variant Copy Cataloging Outline 
  2. Early American Newspapers 
  3. Item Records for Microform (SML Procedures)
  4. Microfilm/Microfiche Processing 
  5. Yale University Library Cataloging Accession Number Tool 
  6. Reprints & Photocopies 

Media Cataloging

  1. SML/CCL Procedures for Media
  2. Audiobooks (Form Subject Tracing)
  3. Video cataloging
  4. Call numbers for videos
  5. Direct Access Electronic Resources (CD-ROMs) 

 Using Voyager & the Utilities

  1. Orbis2 Cataloging Using Voyager  (Word file)
  2. OCLC Connexion Basics 
  3. OCLC Connexion Keyword Searching Examples 
  4. Voyager MFHD Policies & Procedures
  5. Voyager MFHD Examples 
  6. ORBIS2 keys for diacritics and special characters (Macro Express)
  7. Searching special characters in Orbis & RLIN    

Yale Dissertations

  1. Guidelines for cataloging archival copy
  2. Guidelines for cataloging microfilm copy


  1. Other locations in SML
  2. SML stack directory 


Working Documents

  1. Format integration cheat sheet
  2. Guidelines for cataloging belleteristic materials arranged by workflow (Word table)
  3. Guidelines for cataloging belletristic materials arranged by type of copy (Word table)
  4. Importing a record from LCDB
  5. Modifying LC Call Numbers: the most common modifications
  6. NJ18 Call Numbers (w/2010 SML revision)
  7. Oversize
  8. Belletristic Call Numbers (SML) 2008 version
  9. P-PZ40 Table
  10. P-PZ40 Examples
  11. CMS Location Table 

Forms & Statistics

  1. Cataloging statistics web form
  2. NACO/PCC/YUL Core statistics (Excel)
  3. Cataloging statistics (Excel)
  4. Volumes cataloged (Excel)
  5. Statistics Guidelines (Hebraica site)
  6. Statistics Guidelines (Copy Cat Doc)
  7. Time Statistics Form (Excel)
  8. Time Statistics Definitions (Word)
  9. CatStats Queries Checklist (wiki) 
  10. Has List (Web--authorization required)
  11. Has List User's Guide (Web)

Staff Resources & Information

  1. Staff front door
  2. Catalog Dept. Directory
  3. YUL Directory
  4. Hiring and Orientation Checklist for Cat. Dept. Supervisors (Catalog Dept.)
  5. New Employee Welcome Guide
  6. Human Resources & Benefits
  7. Library Joint Departmental Committee (JDC)
  8. Local 34 Contract
  9. (CMS) Paid Time Off Policy
  10. Parking & Transit
  11. Working@Yale - Human Resources Newsletter
  12. Library Hours
  13. Library Human Resources
  14. Nota Bene - News from the Yale Library 
  15. YUL Calendar
  16. STOD Library Conference Reports
  17. Yale Daily News
  18. Yale News
  19. Yale Offfice of Public Affairs & Communications
  20. Yale Portal (MyTime, etc.)
  21. Yale Travel Management [Orbitz for Business]

Workstation Support

  1. Library IT: Workstation and Technology Services
  2. Workstation best practices
  3. Departmental assignments
  4. Expert users
  5. [ADSM] Central Backup Page [to check for successful workstation backup]
  6. Configuring the Backup Scheduler Service
  7. Spam Management Configuration Page

Yale Media

  1. Open Yale Courses (Best w/Firefox)
  2. Yale University Office of Public Affairs: Netcasts
  3. Yale University on iTunes U

Departmental Archives

  1. Added Copies to Circulation Records (MLM) 10/23/91
  2. Catalog Records for Publications in Cyrillic Script (JD)  2/21/80
  3. Correction to Catalog Dept. Manual: Folio (MLM)  3/18/86
  4. Decision to Cease Card Catalog Maintenance for Transfers  (JS)  4/1/98
  5. ListServ Archives
  6. Local Headings Task Group
  7. Multi-Media Works (MLM)  10/7/94
  8. New Authority File Release (RM) 3/31/99 (Links are dead)
  9. Orbis Online Shelflist Ready for Use (JS, AN, FM) 8/15/97
  10. Photocopies for Cross Campus Library (MLM) 9/27/90
  11. Record deletion (MLM)  1/22/92
  12. Use of Initials in the Copy Holdings Statement Notes  (FM & MLM) 12/5/90
  13. Use of Trailing X in Call Numbers (MLM) 4/11/91rev 2/94