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Cataloging Policy and Documentation Committee Minutes

Date: 2004-12-16

Present: Steven Arakawa, Larry Heiman, Cecile Mandour, Lenore Rouse, Rick Sarcia, Eileen Smith (recording), Keiko Suzuki.

Absent: Eric Friede, Maria Huneko, Martha Rudyk, Penny Wellbourne, Cindy Zwies

I. Belletristic update:
Access & Research Services have OK'd the extension of the trailing X procedure to literature call numbers. Implementation is currently scheduled for the beginning of Feb. 2005. CCC has reviewed and approved the provisional workflow procedures drafted by CPDC with the following modifications:

With the exception of original pcc records contributed by Yale for authors not established by LC, catalogers should shelflist original and member copy against the Yale catalog rather than the LC online catalog (as proposed by CPDC). For original pcc records for authors not established by LC, catalogers should shelflist against the LC online catalog. The underlying rationale behind the extension of trailing X is to maximize efficiency, and shelflisting against the Yale catalog is simpler and more efficient. EXCEPTION: Juvenile authors who would be assigned PZ should be shelflisted against the LC online catalog even for non-pcc cataloging, since Yale generally has not used PZ up till now.

There was some concern expressed by CCC that the new procedures allow different authors to have the same number, i.e., a trailing X author has a number assigned by LC and Yale has already assigned the number to a different author. The Catalog Department needs to review the effect of this procedure later if this causes significant problems.

Larry and Rick will write up the documentation for copy catalogers.

II. Steven is thinking to merge the DVD document with the Video document. We agreed that this would be a good idea.

III. There are three documents posted in 2003 on the AACR2 2002 amendments. These focus primarily on title changes for serials and monographic series and need to be reviewed and revised to take into account the AACR2 amendments and the LCRIs to them that became official in Sept. 2004. Cindy & Keiko are assigned to cross-check the documents against the AACR2 2004 amendments and the LCRIs and to recommend changes.




IV. Processing exhibition catalogs
This is a document Steven wrote for the art library. Do they still need this? If so, it should be ‘translated' from Notis into Voyagerese. Larry will contact Chris de Vallet to see if they are still cataloging these as serial analytics at the minimum level. If they are still processing them, we should update the document.

V. Workflow for auction and sales catalogs
LC catalogs these as serials. We have boxes of these in the Arts and Science backlog which aren't even in ORBIS. Serials Acq might be able to do serial analytics for them. This may be a one-time project, because we may be scaling back on acquiring these. Larry will contact Chris de Vallet about this.

VI. SACO committee.
Should the committee be issuing ‘tips and tricks' as Manon does for NACO? Sound like a good idea. Consider possible CPDC involvement in this.

VII. Macro-Express
Demonstrations will be in early January. ME will be rolled out in late January. Consider ‘tips and tricks' for this as for SACO.

VIII. CCC will review the Reproduction task force document.

IX. MFHD policies and procedures document
Cecile requested an example with a caption. Keiko suggested a change to one example to make the vol. holdings symmetrical. Steven will update section re suppressed holding/copy.
Par. 8: Zd location to be explained.
Par. 11: Where can authorized notes be found? Some items have $k Ref  possibly a conversion problem from NOTIS to Voyager.

X. Next meeting: Jan. 6, 2005.

Respectfully submitted,

Eileen Smith

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