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Cataloging Policy and Documentation Committee Minutes

Date: 2004-04-29

Present: Steven Arakawa (recording), Eric Friede, Larry Heiman, Robert Killheffer, Lenore Rouse, Martha Rudyk, Rick Sarcia, Keiko Suzuki

Absent: Matthew Beacom, Maria Hunenko, Eileen Smith, Joan Swanekamp, Christina Tabereaux, Penny Welbourne.

CCC has largely signed off on Multipart MFHD Guidelines, Preliminary Bibliographic Records for Monographic Series & Multipart Monographs on Standing Order, and Bibliographic Records for Monographic Series & MPMs on Standing Order

Preliminary Bib Records: Videos & DVD. CPDC has signed off on the document pending revision of the first item.

With the upcoming elimination of the CC value in the RLIN21 database, Part 2 will need to be revised. Probably the best strategy will be to provide a single list of E/L values, with an exception list for the OCLC-specific additional values (I & L). The other documents on Preliminary Records will also need to be revised, including the one for books.

Item type: the instructions at this time are limited but would still be correct even if the Media Task Force recommendations are accepted and published. The CPDC document does not address accompanying material but the focus of the document is on video as the primary bibliographic unit in any case. Revised instructions will be needed for accompanying materials for the documents on Preliminary Records for books, serials, etc.

Eric has created a separate template for DVD. CCC will be queried for its preference: continue using the combined videocasssette/DVD template or use separate templates, or make both available. Issue is whether it is more difficult for the average staff member to switch templates or edit out the extra fields.

CCC will also be queried as to guidelines for added entries. Keep them all or delete them all? For books, many of the added entries are from vendors and are often formulated incorrectly. This may not be the case with videos with non-standard encoding levels. It may not make sense to delete access points that catalogers will then have to reinsert.

Shelflisting Overview. Minor correction needed to change "oe" to caps on 17g table. CPDC signed off; this and the LC Classification Call NumbersOverview to be submitted to CCC. Agreement that an instruction sheet for trailing X would be useful and that it should be a separate document linked to Shelflisting/LC Classification. Steven will work on it as time permits.

Preliminary Records: Serials.

Part 2. See discussion re RLIN MARC21 in Preliminary Records: Videos & DVD.

Part 3. Correct Part 3 to Part 2 in 1st sentence. Consider retaining added entries? (As with video, vendor supplied access points do not appear to be an issue.)

Part 4. Discussion on how the new priority workflow in support of publication patterns impacts on the guidelines. Old SML workflow: most new journal titles sent first to PRR; go to cataloging only when the first volume is complete. Semiannuals & other periodicals issued less frequently go directly to cataloging. New SML workflow: first issue received of a new periodical title goes to catalog dept. as priority cataloging. When cataloging has been completed, the item is sent back to Serial Support; the cataloging record is then used to set up the publication pattern. Consider: given the new workflow, should acquisitions staff spend less time adding access points to the records; also, need to distinguish between records created based on item in hand, which will go immediately to cataloging; order records, which may need extra access since there will be a period when the item is not available; serials not processed using publication pattern in the Acquistions module, e.g. some African collection titles.

246, 310, 362: The recommendations for 246 in the document should be qualified with these considerations in mind. (e.g. Exception: 246 for variant forms generally not necessary if the title is flagged as priority)

300: Revise recommendations to retain 300 and add $v to allow the record to be saved. (Since the title will be cataloged as priority, the cataloger would have to re-enter the field)

710 <post-meeting>. The heading in the 710 example has since been updated to Pin-Yin romanization and should be updated accordingly.

780/785. Delete comma.

Part 6. 852. Looks incorrect. Probably should be separate instructions for serials on order vs. serials received for cataloging. Is the technique of using 866s with blank receipt lines obsolete except for titles not processed as "publication pattern?"

Part 7. SML Item Types. With the new priority workflow, are acquisitions staff generally expected to enter the item type, or is this now the responsibility of the cataloger? Perhaps this section is not necessary. The Media Task Force recommendation is still not resolved on the item type for media accompanying materials for serials.

The meeting ordinarily scheduled for the first week of the month (May 6) will be cancelled as Steven will be out of town for a train the trainer workshop. The next meeting is scheduled for May 20.

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Arakawa

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