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Cataloging Coordinating Council

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The Cataloging Coordinating Council (CCC) is charged with developing cataloging and catalog maintenance policies for Yale University Libraries including:
  • standards and policies for records created in ORBIS to reflect various levels of cataloging and in-process status;
  • standards and policies for records created in RLIN and OCLC for downloading to ORBIS;
  • policies for withdrawing/deleting/suppressing records in ORBIS and reporting to national utilities;
  • standards and policies for maintaining online holdings;
  • policies for maintaining local bibliographic and holdings information in ORBIS;
  • advising the Chief Catalog Librarian on cataloging and database quality issues.

  • Current Members

    Joan Swanekamp (Chair)
    Steven Arakawa
    Tatiana Barr
    Helen Bartlett
    Eva Bolkovac
    Ellen Cordes
    Geraldine Dickel
    Todd Fell

    Sarah Fisher
    Eric Friede

    Anthony Oddo
    Rebecca Hamilton
    Abdul Hannawi
    Robert Klingenberger
    Francis Lapka
    Nancy Lyon
    Kevin Merriman
    Meier, Tachtorn
    Diane Napert
    Jennifer Nolte

    Rick Sarcia
    Karen Spicher
    Dajin Sun
    Keiko Suzuki
    Kari Swanson
    Patricia Thurston
    Melissa Wisner
    Stephen Young

    Previous Members

    Paula Ball
    Edita Baradi
    Kraig Binkowski
    Ian Bogus
    Susan Brady
    Matthew Beacom
    Patrick Butler
    Hsiao Chen
    Valentina Chudowsky
    Cindy Crooker
    Martha Conway
    Karen Denavit
    Sarah Elman
    Elisabeth Fairman
    Marsha Garman
    Rowena Griem
    Libby Hofsas
    Ellen Jaramillo
    Carol Jones
    Robert Killheffer
    Lian Kho
    Andrea Lamb
    Julie Linden
    Daniel Lovins
    Beatrice Luh
    Soraya Magalhaes-Wilson
    Audrey Novak
    Sandra K. Peterson
    Roberta Pilette
    Dorothy Rachmat
    Martha Repp
    Lenore Rouse
    Patrick Salmon

    Britta Santamauro
    E.C. Schroeder
    James Shetler
    Katherine (Kalee) Sprague
    Diana Smith
    Kari Swanson
    Manon Théroux
    Kim Tran
    Susan Tucker
    David Walls
    Cindy Zwies

    Meeting Time

    The council generally meets on the 1st Thursday of every month from 1:30-3:30 in SML 409.

    Documents under review:

    Unless otherwise stated, the documents listed are draft versions or discussion papers and do not represent official policies and procedures.

    1. Maintenance of Bibliographic Records for Online Resources Cataloged in Orbis
    2. Maintenance & Cataloging Workflow Policies for e-Book Bibliographic Records Not Supplied by Vendors (rev./re-named draft of 12)
    3. Provider-neutral e-monograph record task group report Vendor Load & Bibliographic Searching Procedures (Word)
    4. Voyager/Policy Documents to be Revised or Created (Word)
    5. Yale Library Policy for Using Hyperlinks (Discussion paper) (Word)


    1. Beinecke response to 2/24 version of Added copies (3/25 Word)
    2. Cataloging of Non-Music Sound Recordings: Checklist CMS Core-Level Record TF Final Report (Word)
    3. CMS Shelflisting TF Final Report (Word)
    4. Non-Music Sound Recordings Member/LC Copy Checklist
    5. CONSER Standard Record page
    6. The Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Announces the Library of Congress's Decision to Cease Creating Series Authority Records as Part of Library of Congress Cataloging. April 20, 2006 (Word)
    7. Relinking item records (Word)
    8. Editing spinelabel.cfg (Word)
    9. Database bulk loading (PowerPoint) <click to advance; right click for advance/reverse options>
    10. Introduction to Yale Core (Power Point)
    11. LC Genre/Form AnnouncementLC SCM H 1913 Moving Image Genre/Form Headings (PDF)
    12. Linking Text Subfields in 856 Parallel RecordsRe-Thinking Shelflisting (PPT)
    13. Searching Best Practices: Cheat Sheet (Word)
    14. Searching the Bibliographic Utilities (PowerPoint)
    15. Task Force to Recommend Policies & Procedures for Serial Access Records: Preliminary Recommendations (Word)


    Minutes (minutes from 2008- are on the SharePoint site)


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