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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2000-01-27

Attendance not taken


The group reviewed a document distributed at the meeting taken from the web pages of LSF and Cataloging at Yale. Rebecca Mugridge distributed proposed guidelines developed by Dajin Sun for dealing with missing volumes of multi-part monographs and serials going to LSF. The guidelines called for noting in the Item and MHLD records that volumes are missing. After discussion it was agreed that item records should not show volumes as missing because it would complicate the process if the missing volume(s) were found. The only record which would show volumes as missing would be the MHLD record. The proposed guidelines will be revised and reviewed by RSC.
Joan appointed task forces to define the appropriate bibliographic record for three types of material going to LSF. The task forces and members are:
Serials and MPM - Carol Jones, Pat Thurston, Stephanie Schmitt, Libby Hofsas
Will also consider microfilm of serials and MPMs, classed together-analyzed monograph series, and holdings
Maps - Stephanie Schmitt, Tony Oddo, Fred Musto, Cecile Mandour, Rebecca Mugridge
Microfilm - Stephanie Schmitt, Susan Tucker, David Walls, Maria Hunenko
Joan will draft charges for the task forces and would like a preliminary report from each task force at the next meeting on February 24.


Joan announced that all series authority records submitted so far have been accepted. The Working Document covering NACO Series Authority Records:Workflow and Policy was reviewed. Joan clarified that a series authority record would be made for the first receipt on a new standing order if there was not already a series authority record. Such receipts would be sent directly to Catalog Dept.and bypass the Frontlog. This does not apply to books received on approval or firm order if no series authority record exists No changes to the document were made.


Joan announced that during the next two months Robert Killheffer will present informational sessions about Core Level Cataloging to staff in curatorial areas, school and departmental libraries, Beinecke Library, and RSC. Xin Li is developing a schedule for presentations. There is a document which will be distributed and a website is being created.


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