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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2000-02-24

Attendance not taken

1.. Eric Friede, the new Divinity Library Catalog Librarian, was introduced.

2. Task Force Reports.
Maps. Tony Oddo presented the preliminary recommendations. Unlike other materials being sent to the LSF, many of the map sets intended for LSF transfer will require cataloging before they are sent. The Task Force recommends full cataloging for these sets. The bibliographic record should include a 555 field indicating that there is a finding aid available for the set in the map collection reading room. One question that arose was whether the finding aid itself should be cataloged.
Serials. Patricia Thurston presented the preliminary recommendations. Some discussion occurred concerning the use of "um" notes and whether they should be automatically relocated during the LSF transfer process. Audrey Novak assured everyone that the "um" notes won't be "going away" when we migrate. Rather, that information can and will be preserved when appropriate. Another lengthy discussion occurred concerning the placement of item records when a title is classed together, and fully or partially analyzed. Practices in the past were not consistent. Finally, the use of the $z note in MHLD records to record bound-withs was discussed. This information should be recorded in 590 notes instead.
Microforms. Susan Tucker presented the preliminary recommendations. There was some discussion of the Orbis Repro fixed-field element and whether or not it should be coded blank on original microforms (since they aren't reproductions). The point was made that in USMARC this field is called "form of item", and that it's not concerned with whether it's a reproduction or not, so we should most likely use that definition to determine how to encode this fixed field. Another discussion covered whether the 007/533 information is crucial and how to best get it into the record. Finally, appropriate levels of cataloging for multiple titles on commercial microfilm (when we order one title and get a reel with additional titles as well) was discussed. The point was made that this is being discussed by the Preservation/Cataloging Task Force on Cataloging Preservation Microforms, which has made some recommendations concerning this topic, although they haven't yet been approved.

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