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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2000-03-23

Attendance not recorded.

1) Announcements

Joan reiterated the previously published policy on maintenance of the
Public Catalog (the document will be placed on the Cat. Dept. website)

The Withdrawal document has gone to Ann Okerson; it should be published

Joan discussed developments in discussions with RSC about policies for
lost/missing material.

2) Discussion of CMT procedures (Dajin Sun)

Several draft documents were presented which detailed proposed procedures
for certain categories of material (Lost, Reclassed, and/or Transferred).
There were comments and suggestions about the sequence of treatments, the
complications involving serials and MPMs, how much information should be
added to the record (and where that info should be recorded, the
construction of 949 fields, etc. It was recommended that different
documents be developed for single-volume and multiple volume situations.

Some concern was expressed about the possibility of a large flood of work
when the procedures are first put into place. Joan will discuss this and
some outstanding topics with selectors. Dajin will revise and redistribute
the documents.

3) Standards for LSF transfer of Maps (T. Oddo)

Tony reported on the progress of the Task Force dealing with sending maps
to the LSF. He announced that USGS maps would not be transferred; they
will remain in the Geology Library. There was discussion about the relative
fullness of the records. Joan indicated a desire that all records for map
sets have an MHLD field. Questions were addressed to Fred Musto (Map
curator) about the role and use of map grids and indexes. The possibility
of electronically accessible finding aids was suggested. Map records in
either the Map or Book format will be acceptable for LSF transfer.

4) Standards for LSF transfer of Microforms (S. Tucker)

Susan Tucker went through changes to the previously presented draft of
policies for catalog records for Microforms sent to the LSF. The primary
change was to the sections on handling original microforms (not
reproductions). There was some discussion of the "true" meanings of
original vs. reproduction as they pertain to microforms. The discussion
revealed the usual diversity in Yale's history and practice. Joan will
issue a clarification on the correct values to use in the REPRO field.

There was some consideration of the situation of multiple titles on a
single reel. This will be revisited later. For now, no such material will
be sent to the LSF.

5) 0A coding problem (R. Killheffer)

A recently generated print-out of 3000+ items with incorrect Copy Status
and Class Type codes was introduced. The wrong coding leads to incorrect
information displaying to the public. Many of the problem records were
created in specific projects and programs and will be dealt with by the
appropriate units. Other represent simple carelessness. There was a
general encouragement to all members to remind their staffs to exercise
greater caution.

Respectfully submitted by
Robert Killheffer


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