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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2000-05-25

Attendance not recorded

Susan Tucker monitored a discussion on the final recommended guidelines for LSF microforms. She noted that errors in the examples had been corrected. Joan Swanekamp suggested that the Recommendations section be moved to the beginning of the document. Other suggestions were made regarding the examples. The guidelines will now go to the LSF Processing Group for review.

Martha Conway provided the group with background on the OCLC Authority Control Service (ACS). She laid out what the service did and did not do, and reminded us that ACS grew out of a research project. OCLC is turning off ACS at the end of the year, and would like to shift Yale from ACS to OCLC/WLN MARS Authority Control.

Martha then distributed a list of ten questions that we need to consider about MARS. The primary issues are timing and scheduling, database quality, and staff resources which, in turn, lead to two major questions. First, will we have correction transaction records or replacement bibliographic records. The former is more amenable for the Systems Office (since it will be easier to create a new transactions loader) but OCLC would prefer if we had full record replacement. Second, will there be a full bibliographic file export or an authority file extract. In this case, OCLC would like the former. Decisions on these issues need to be made by July 1st.

A test file of 500 database records has been identified and will be used to compare ACS and MARS. This test file will also help us to decide if we will need manual review.

Joan led a discussion on accompanying material. Currently, there are a number of unclear, conflicting practices with different procedures for different units. Joan is suggesting that cataloging staff catalog a monograph or serial with its accompanying material, barcode each item, and then leave it to the individual units to decide on location practice (i.e. shelving the monograph or serial with its accompanying material or shelving the latter separately.) Consideration of this issue led the group to identify a number of issues with the result that a task force has been formed. Members include Libby Hofsas, Robert Kilheffer, Tony Oddo, Patrick Salmon, and Jim Shetler.

The last issue on the agenda was OCLC use. Joan explained that some staff members are still accessing OCLC via the Internet rather than through our dedicated lines, thus incurring charges of almost $1000 a month. Audrey Novak observed that if staff enabled OCLC access by using the help screens set-up is via the Internet. She encouraged expert users to check all terminals enabled for OCLC to see how they were set up. Audrey also suggested that inactivity times and timeout settings be checked.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Lyon, May 31, 2000


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