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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2001-04-26

Attendance not recorded

Per Joan Swanekamp:

1. Final decision on how to handle subfield k situations is on hold, pending recommendations from the Subfield K Task Force.

2. Wade-Giles Conversion has been completed in the RLG Union Catalog. Plans for loading the updated records into Orbis are underway.

3. Testing of MARS is continuing.

Per Marsha Cornelius:

1. New NOTIS release is able to accept 11 out of the 13 MARC characters, and LCCNs are now formatting correctly. Accordingly, CLARR needs to be updated on all workstations. A printout was distributed to committee members containing two tables. The first one lists the 13 new MARC characters, their keyboard sequences, and which ones are handled correctly by CLARR. The second indicates the differences between the old and new formats for LCCN. These tables will be posted on Database Administration's website.

2. The LC Resource file has been updated. Peter Ward says that book names and subjects have been brought up to date. Serial and other on-book format records are still lagging behind.

3. LTLC Batch Matching. Front Log is to be matched against LTLC. Records with higher encoding levels are to overlay preliminary records in Orbis. Algorithm looks at cataloging status to make sure that already cataloged items are not overlaid.

Per Joan:

1. LMS implementation planning is underway. MMG will assign workgroups to study some of the extra-catalog features offered by Endeavor, Encompass, Citation Server (akin to Ex Libris's SFX), etc.

2. Contract with Endeavor to be completed in July, before Scott leaves.

3. Document distributed to group: "Orbis2 Contract Issues." Committee members are to let Joan and/or Audrey know if anything needs to be added to this document. Jane Burke will be visiting Yale on May 10th (?).

4. CCC will play major role in implementation planning of new LMS. 6-8 members may be appointed to oversee the process. Will be very time consuming. Among many other tasks, we will need to upgrade capacity of workstations, more so than originally proposed, due to requirements of new LMS.

5. Joan will be distributing draft document on migration of decimal and sequential call numbers to the new LMS. Old Yale numbers may be problematic.
6. "Policy for Lost Books" draft document distributed. We have not had an active replacement policy at Yale for some time. Our practice has been to suppress lost/withdrawn items from the public view of Orbis, and remove cards from the Public Catalog. An example of difficulties caused by this policy was when a researcher would find a record for a Yale item in the NUC, and then check Yale's local catalog and find no trace of it whatsoever. The new practice (and policy) will be to allow readers to view records describing books that are no longer in Yale's collection. Moreover, we will no longer pull cards. SQIC is in agreement with this position, and now CCC feedback is requested. Following review by CCC, policy document will be presented to LMC. Notes can be generated in the OPAC telling the reader what is the disposition of an unavailable book (is it missing? lost? withdrawn?). Nancy Lyon and Patricia Thurston suggested ways of making the messages more specific, and perhaps also allowing the library to deflect blame from itself for the loss (e.g., "charged out. Assumed lost"). Joan and Martha respond that messages need to be kept simple for automation reasons.

Public will not find a note indicating that replacement copy has been ordered, etc. Rather, a new copy will be ordered, a new statement created, and the two processes (withdrawal of one copy; addition of another) will be kept separate. Steve Arakawa asked if the date of loss would be included in the public message. I think Joan responded that this option would be under consideration. Steve asked whether selectors would be notified that if an item's record has been deleted from the utilities. Joan and Martha responded selectors would need to assume that this has been done. A new 927 will need to be added into Orbis.

MHLDS need to be updated (in case of lost volumes). Perhaps volume number could be moved from 886|a to 866|x when it is confirmed as lost.

Respectfully submitted by D. Lovins, April 26, 2001


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