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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2001-07-26

Present: Joan Swanekamp (chair), Steven Arakawa, Helen Bartlett, Mattthew Beacom, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman [for Audrey Novak], Ellen Jaramillo, Daniel Lovins, Beatrice Luh, Kari Lynch, Nancy Lyon, Anthony Oddo, Patrick Salmon, Dajin Sun, Manon Théroux, Patricia Thurston, Kim Tran, Stephen Young

Absent: Paula Ball, Mathew Beacom, Hsiao Chen, Elisabeth Fairman, Libby Hofsas, Robert Killheffer, Diana Smith, Kalee Sprague, James Shetler, Susan Tucker, David Walls

New business: Joan Swanekamp introduced new members Kari Lynch (Kline Science) and Manon Theroux (Catalog Management & Rare Books) to committee members.

Agenda items

1. Subfield k. Committee discussed the Subfield k Task Force Report.
a. Joan will pass the report on to the Bibliographic Access Group (she is a member) with CCC recommendations. BAG will have final say.
b. Subfield k locations that can be dropped. Helen Bartlett for music signed off on all of the TF drop recommendations. Joan will get in touch with Paula Ball. TF recommended dropping CD-ROM since it appears to duplicate location code sml,cd, but Anthony Oddo reported that Tobin Nellhaus wanted to retain it to distinguish CD-ROM holdings from book holdings at that location. Joan will check with Tobin. Agreement to drop: Ref, Birren, GEO-GIS, and Room 27 as subfield k values. Any further changes or revisions: get back to Joan by Monday.
c. Situations where there are too many instances to correct: Marsha Garman will see if this can be corrected as part of the Endeavor conversion. She will also see whether it might be possible to use a table on Endeavor to machine-validate the subfield k stamps, both to avoid typos and to prevent unauthorized creation of new stamps.
d. Dajin Sun wanted to know if a list of valid stamps would be generated. Joan said a list will be generated once decisions have been made on which stamps would be converted to orbis locations.

2. Authority control. Manon Theroux reported on current status of OCLC MARS processing (the automated authority control program OCLC is using to replace its ACS program). A snapshot of Orbis holdings was made Sept. 2000 and sent to OCLC. This Basefile is in 2 parts. Basefile #1 (GPO, in-process, and suppressed records) has had QA done for both the loader and MARS processing by ACAC. ACAC found some loader and MARS problems, and Basefile #1 was re-processed. ACAC did a second QA and signed off, and the transactions (about a million are involved) are in queue for loading.

Basefile #2 consists of everything else in the snapshot. ACAC will QA this as well.

Recon file, separate from the Basefile, is in the process of being loaded into a test region.

Once all QA has been done, MARS processing will then be ongoing. Until there is an announcement, catalogers may continue to move records into LTYL from LTLC or RLIN.

Manon asked for volunteers for ACAC. David Faulds and Rick Sarcia are new
members, but ACAC could use one or two more. The committee usually meets
once a month and is responsible for QA, documentation, and recommending
policy; it will also be involved with Voyager authority control. In
response to a question from Helen Bartlett, Manon & Joan noted some of the
differences between ACS and MARS processing. MARS can process uniform
titles and conference headings; ACS could not. MARS changes 440 fields with
filing indicators to 490/830 combinations; ACS retained the 440s. MARS will
provide authority records for our local 69X headings but not corrections;
ACS attempted to correct the headings (not always successfully). Like ACS,
MARS will provide heading correction transactions rather than full record
replacements; however, full record replacements are being used for Retrocon
records because the processing and correcting occur before the records are
loaded into Orbis. Marsha noted that scheduling Orbis record loads can be
difficult and that transaction corrections are much slower to load than
full bibliographic and authority records.

Additional items.

The LMC process improvement report was discussed and it was noted that some elements have not been finalized. The collocation question is not addressed in this report but will be discussed in LMC at a later time. The report recommends changes to workflow in monograph and serial support, preparations, and Cross Campus.

The next CCC meeting will be August 23. Joan may decide to cancel. Steven Arakawa requested that the revised NJ18 instructions be included on the agenda if the meeting took place. The documentation is at:

Respectfully submitted for the Committee,

Steven R. Arakawa


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