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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-01-24

Attendance not recorded.

I. Committee membership.

Joan: Two new members: Karen Spiker (Beinecke), and Polly Chang. Polly is taking place of Clara Chen, who is retiring from Yale.

II. Voyager update from Audrey Novak.

We are hiring NELINET to conduct most of our Orbis II training. Some of the Yale-specific procedures will need to be handled by in-house staff. The in-house trainer is still to be determined, but recruitment is underway (i.e., the position has been posted). This person will manage Yale specific documentation, training schedules, portal design, Q&A, help desk, LSF processing, spine-label printing, patron registration, updating currency values; in other words, all the training that NELINET cannot do.

There will be three types of training:

1. General lectures (1-2 hours in SML Lecture Hall, a couple of times each month, for all permanent staff).

2. Hands-on (1-day workshops to cover individual system modules, e.g., cataloging and acquisitions.)

3. Mini-sessions (shorter sessions, meant for basic familiarity, rather than comprehensive understanding, e.g., cataloging module for non-catalogers).

A survey was conducted [on YULIB, I believe], which suggested that we will need to conduct 60 days worth of training. First day will be April 1st, and will take place at Mudd and one other location, either sequentially or concurrently. Cataloging staff will be the first group trained, since they will be the first group working with Orbis 2.

Registration for training will begin in March.

Recommended practice regimen is at least 5 hours per week, in order not to forget what was presented in training session.

Orbis 2 will go live on July 16th.

Steve Arakawa: When should Expert Users load Voyager software onto workstations?

Audrey: By the end of February. A new release is scheduled for February, so we may want to wait until this release has been tested.

Steve: We'll need to know about workstation preferences.

Audrey: Yes.

Audrey: This past November we converted all items and MARC data. This February 2 (i.e., next week) we will conduct "dress rehearsal" of [a second] conversion of this data. By February 26th, we will send a report of our testing to Endeavor. By end of February, vendor orders and funds will be loaded. Circulation files will be loaded thereafter, to be finished by April 9th.

May 10th will be the date for our "production" conversion. We will need to stop cataloging in NOTIS at this time. RLIN and OCLC will still be OK, so long as we don't try to download them into Yale database. We may resume cataloging in local system [now Voyager] on June 3rd. The period of system 'downtime' will be ideal for training and practice.

Acquisitions data will migrate from June 6th through July 12.

Circulation data will migrate July 8th through July 16th.

We will not be able to status-track items between June 1st and July 16th.

Out of millions of records already migrated, only 89 corrupt records have been found. Audrey has "absolute confidence" that data conversion will be "perfect", largely due to the excellent performance of Endeavor.

Joan Swanekamp: Most Yale libraries have been using a plus sign (+) to indicate oversize materials. Voyager is not able to sort these as NOTIS does; instead, classifications with plus signs are segregated into their own file. Endeavor suggests that we relocate the plus sign to the very beginning or end of the class number. Also, we could use the word "Oversize" rather than the symbol "+", as suggested by Sue Crockford-Peters. Our preferred option is to move plus sign to end of call number. Another idea would be to leave the plus sign where it is, and embed it in a subfield "2," but this practice may end up introducing a large number of errors. We could also put the plus sign at the end, embedded in a subfield "m," which would render the symbol invisible to Voyager's indexing algorithm.

Audrey: Gary Strawn will be invited to Yale in order to discuss how CLARR/Cataloger's Tool Kit may be used with WebVoyage. New features will include the ability to change headings [globally?] as opposed to just saving and producing new bibliographic records.

III. Demonstration of Voyager Cataloging Module by Patricia Thurston. [A mostly visual demonstration with commentary and Q&A.]

Respectfully submitted by Daniel Lovins, 1/28/02.


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