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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-09-26


I. Authority Control

Joan announced that Manon Theroux is now not only the Authority Control Librarian but also the NACO Coordinator.

A new Authority Statistics form was distributed. Stats from each unit will be collected on an annual basis. Joan mentioned that a column was missing for creating series in Voyager because we now we are only creating series records that are distributed. Forms can be found in Randy's Office and will be posted on the Web.

II. Gary Strawn Visit

Gary Strawn will come to Yale for two days of training on his Catalogers Tool Kit (a utility used to aid cataloging in Voyager). Training dates are October 31st and November1st. He will hold 4 sessions with 6 people in each. Selected people will be chosen to attend and the in turn will train others. A separate session on server based training for CTK will be held for the catalogers who will be doing headings changes and the DBA group.

III. OCLC Connections Software

OCLC will be phasing out Passport for Windows, replacing it with OCLC Connections software. The new software is available but still has some glitches. We would like to hold off implementation of this new software as long as possible so the known problems can be resolved. Although Passport for Windows will be available for another year, OCLC will not be supporting it after December. Since Cornell uses OCLC as their primary utility, Joan will e-mail them to find out how well the new software is working with Voyager, particularly when exporting records to a file.

IV. Template Training

Patricia Thurston and Steven Bernstein will conduct brief training seminars on how to create and use templates for cataloging. The Power Point presentation for this training was developed by Xinkai Kong before he left Yale. Patricia will have it posted on the Web.

V. Yale Voyager Documentation

Joan distributed a draft on Policy and Procedures for Missing and Lost Materials which outlines the approach for dealing with missing items. There will be a message in the catalog that the item is "no longer in the collection" in order for patrons to be able to track their citations. Notes will also be added directing the user to new avenues for finding the material (other edition, document delivery, order or replace). In order to deal with these materials, a new location of "withdrawn" will be added in Voyager. The "withdrawn" location will generate the note. This new location still needs to be added and tested.

Manon has developed documentation for deleted and suppressed records outlining what to record in each subfield. This still needs to be tested.

Steven Berstein has developed documentation for transfers and reclasses.

Eric Friede and Xinkai Kong have worked on preliminary documentation for monographs and serials that are In Process or On Order.

Documentation for CIP records is also being developed.

Joan Swanekamp is creating documentation addressing the 035 issue. It will soon be posted on the Cataloging at Yale web site.

Joan also mentioned we need to reorganize and start moving the cataloging documentation from the Orbis2 web site to the Cataloging at Yale web site.

Steven Arakawa will start a 3 year position of Training and Documentation for Yale Cataloging. A term position will be added to fill Steven's cataloging position while he works on the training and documentation.

Steven Arakawa had a question about how to indicate copies. No copy numbers are being added to CCL materials, but Sterling is questionable.

VI. Database Loads

Joan had a meeting with Audrey and Fred in reference to the loading of database records such as EBSCO, electronic books, and Early English Books Online. These loads will need to be handled differently in the future because of the dynamic indexing of Voyager. Loading files of over 10,000 records can cause the system to crawl. A new system for loading and a schedule needs to be worked out.

Marsha Garman gave an update on the LC Resource File loads. They are current up to the 23rd week of the year (approximately the middle of June) for books, serials, names, and subjects, and current up to the 6th month (June) for computer, visual, map, and music records. Record loading is slow due to the dynamic indexing. We hope to be caught up by October.

VII. Permissions

Joan mentioned that security profile permissions are still be discussed.

VIII. NACO Series Training

Will be held in May.

IX. Labeling Program

A demo will be held in preparations when Audrey Novak returns next week.


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