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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 2002-10-22


No attendance was taken. Joan Swanekamp chaired the meeting.


We soon will be asked to test a new release of Voyager that will be implemented over the winter holiday break. More information will be forthcoming.

1. New voyager documentation for preliminary monographs and serial analytics.

These two documents were discussed. A number of suggestions were made for changes to the documents, mainly to clarify them.
For instance, the serial analytic doc. will be renamed from Preliminary to Minimum level as these records are permanent minimal level records for serial analytics. Other suggested changes were accepted and will be made. The documents already are on the Web. Staff should begin using these documents now. They do not contain policy changes. They show Voyager procedures for existing policies. Joan has sent the documents to the head of the Acquisitions Dept. for distribution in acquisition units.

2. Quality assurance testing . . .

Joan asked all to review a sub-set of records their staff create in Orbis to assess how well we are using the Voyager cataloging module and to identify any training, documentation, and policy needs for the library. For example, we may decide to repeat the MFHD training the Jim Shetler and Dajin Sun provided staff earlier in our Voyager migration.

The first (or second?) week in November will be the week to gather the records to be reviewed. Analysis of the records will be sent to Joan.

As part of this quality assurance process, Joan will issue a new cataloging memo highlighting typical problem areas with records made in our first months using Voyager. This could serve as a checklist for all staff and for those reviewing the work of others.

3. Voyager implementation issues

The Voyager implementation teams have been discharged. New groups are being developed to support the Voyager modules post-implementation. We discussed some options for how we want to manage this for cataloging. One suggestion was a stand alone group. Another was to have a sub-group of the CCC do the support work; formal reporting lines and expectations need to be worked out. A third was to have the CCC itself be the support group. Interest in having the CCC involved was high and it seems unlikely that a stand alone group would be set up. We will discuss this further at our next meeting.

The discussion also brought up the relation of other groups to the CCC. Joan mentioned the cataloging documentation group, which is an ad hoc group that is creating documentation for the library. Perhaps it should be more formal and report to CCC.

There was a discussion of bound withs. Audrey Novak reported on the problem and Joan asked for volunteers to work on the problem (need to identify a place in the record to show that the bound with was done intentionally.) Stephen Young, Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, and Daniel Lovins volunteered.

4. Loading records for e-resources

Postponed to next meeting.

5. Demos of the label printing program were provided by Audrey Novak post meeting.

The meeting ended at 11 AM.

Matthew Beacom


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