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Cataloging Coordinating Council Minutes

Date: 2003-03-27

Present: Joan Swanekamp (chair), Steven Arakawa, Paula Ball, Helen Bartlett, Mattthew Beacom, Susan Brady, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Rebecca Hamilton, Abdul Hannawi, Ellen Jaramillo, Robert Killheffer, Daniel Lovins, Beatrice Luh, Nancy Lyon, Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, Anthony Oddo, E.C. Schroeder, James Shetler, Karen Spicher, Dajin Sun, Kari Swanson, Patricia Thurston, David Walls, Stephen Young

Absent: Sarah Elman, Manon Théroux

Follow-up from previous meeting: subcommittee charges have been drafted; Joan Swanekamp will run by Ann Okerson.

Priority flagging. SML will revise flagging system for priorities.

Red flag: reader requests, reserve, and course reserve
Yellow flag: HVT (high visibility title)

A chart will be distributed explaining the different priorities. Libraries that send books to SML for cataloging will need to flag items according to the new procedures.

Agenda items:

1. ENUM/CHRON. Data entered in Voyager ENUM or CHRON fields needs to be standardized to facilitate the label printing program and LSF retrieval. Units that have not sent in their current practices should do so ASAP. A chart describing current known procedures was distributed. The SML label printing program will probably be updated and some current procedures will need to change at that time, but until the announcement is made, current procedures should continue to be used.

2. Suppressed locations. On NOTIS locations were suppressed in the public catalog based on location code. If a location statement was suppressed on NOTIS it remained that way in the Voyager migration, but when a new location statement is now added on Voyager for a location once automatically suppressed, it must now be manually suppressed. The NOTIS practice of automatic suppression for designated locations can be reinstituted on Voyager. General consensus to implement automatic suppression for designated locations. List of locations was reviewed briefly. Joan Swanekamp asked that units go over the list carefully and bring to her attention any additional locations that would be candidates for automatic suppression. Units can request copies of the Systems Office list from Joan. The list indicates how many titles are associated with each location and could be used to identify problem copy statements.

3. Steven Arakawa reported that the AACR2 2002 training program and documentation for C&Ts have been drafted. Plan is to present 2 sessions the week of April 18. SML team leaders are being asked to review the workflow documentation. After the documentation has been revised, it will be distributed outside SML for further review. The documentation in draft form is also linked on the Orbis2 Cataloging Manual table of contents.

4. The Orbis2 Cataloging Manual continues to be updated. The CCC Documentation Group continues to review documentation as it is drafted. Because the Voyager Training Page will be up for an indefinite period, links to the documents on it will be made from the online cataloging manual until the training documents can be revised, re-formatted, and loaded into the cataloging manual folder

5. ExportQ. MARS authority processing will begin soon. Training in use of ExportQ will being the week of April 4. On April 14 records will be extracted for MARS processing; they are scheduled to be returned from OCLC on the 17th and loaded shortly thereafter. After that, MARS extraction will take place weekly. Normally, the extraction will take place on Mondays and the processed records will be back by Wednesday (actual loading into Orbis will be later in the week). NACO authority records must be produced by Friday in order to be included in the MARS processing the following week. Catalogers need to remember that the MARS processing will replace the entire record, not just the headings. While the record is being processed it should not be updated.

6. Changes to the RLIN and OCLC interfaces. Both will be web-based.

For RLIN, the biggest change will be for those who catalog directly on the utility. The different formats will all be in one file. It will be Oracle-based. There is concern that it might be slower and cause more tie-ups on our limited port access. Data entry will be considerably changed for CJK. Other concerns: training in use for public services staff; pass command will be set up to send the record to a server rather than to the workstation. Conversion is still under development. Daniel Lovins will be attending a meeting next week on the RLG implementation plans; send any outstanding questions to him.

OCLC is further along. An early version of the web-based interface, Connexion, is already in place, and it is being used by the Rare Book Team. OCLC will not support Passport after Dec. 2003. Eric Friede will work with a CCC task force to begin planning for workflow, training, and rollout. OCLC's ability to accept bulk import of authority records, in combination with the Gary Strawn Cataloger's Toolkit, may shift NACO work to OCLC. In order for the Cataloger's Toolkit to work effectively, however, the entire NAF would need to be in the Orbis database, not in LCDB. Addressing the OCLC/NACO issue will not occur until after the Connexion rollout, however.

7. Other topics.

a. Reminder that the license agreement will block access to ClassPlus beginning next week. Catalogers must become familiar with ClassWeb. No problems reported with ClassWeb so far.

b. Duplicate MFHDs. System/workflow glitch is causing these. Joan will work with Systems to document the problem with instructions for recognizing and correcting.

c. Deleting item records. Item records can't be deleted until they have been discharged. However, in some cases, Voyager prevents the deletion from taking place for 24 hours or longer. Can this be overridden? Marsha Garman will check with Shawn Steidinger.

d. Circulation has sometimes created item records when the book is not in hand when an item needs to be retrieved via Eli Express. While this procedure is OK for books that are on-order, it is not standard operating procedure when the book is held by a location outside of SML. This practice causes significant catalog maintenance problems at the departmental unit. When this occurs, please report to Shawn Steidinger in Systems.

e. Reminder that SAR training for those who missed the original LC workshop is scheduled to be provided May 12-14 by Judy Kuhagen.

Respectfully submitted,
Steven Arakawa

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