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Cataloging Coordinating Council Minutes

Date: 2003-05-08

Present: Joan Swanekamp (chair), Steven Arakawa, Paula Ball, Helen Bartlett, Mattthew Beacom, Susan Brady, Sarah Elman, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Rebecca Hamilton, Abdul Hannawi, Ellen Jaramillo, Robert Killheffer, Daniel Lovins, Beatrice Luh, Nancy Lyon, Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, Anthony Oddo, E.C. Schroeder, James Shetler, Karen Spicher, Manon Théroux, David Walls, Stephen Young

Absent: Dajin Sun, Kari Swanson, Patricia Thurston

Joan introduced Abdul Hannawi, the new Near East cataloger.

Other business: Committee agreed to meet May 29th 9-10:30. June meeting will be cancelled.

Agenda items:

1. Training checklist. Joan will turn over to a task force (Steven Arakawa, Sarah Elman, and David Walls) to revise. Links to available documents should be embedded. Will be written for the use of copy catalogers, but could then be stripped down for Acquisitions staff. TF will route revised copy to CCC for comments and updates.

2. Draft memo on YUL procedures for non-filing indicators.

3. Item record relationship for partially analyzed titles. Change in procedure to link all item records for partially analyzed sets to the cover record. Up till now the practice has been to link the item record to the analytics. No change in procedure for fully analyzed sets; continue to link item record to the analytic record. Change in procedure will get current catalog processing in synch with LSF and recon practice. The draft memo was approved with changes to the staff note abbreviation to "anlyz" and "part anlyz". The bound with technique for associating both the cover record and the analytic record on the same item record will not be applied at this time. Sarah Elman raised the question whether a public note could be used to refer the webpac user to the appropriate record for circulation status information. Resolution to this question will be delayed until a satisfactory decision is made on use of the bound with procedure. Joan will set up a task force; volunteers from CCC are: Steven Arakawa, Sarah Elman, Daniel Lovins, and Soraya Magalhaes-Willson.

4. CCC agreed to having a standard list of staff notes and abbreviations similar to the standard list of public notes. Steven Arakawa will create a continuously updated master list and post it on the web. Of particular interest will be abbreviations like "CIE" (Created in Error) that may not be readily translatable by new staff. CCC can begin sending terms and abbreviations to [Kari Swanson writes (12 May): "Regarding number 4: I am still working on a menu macro for the most frequently used staff notes..."]

5. Discussion of proposed updates to ENUM/CHRON procedures.

6. Orbis 2 Manual. CCC will review the MFHD policies and procedures document, the MFHD formatting examples document, and the general copy cataloging workflow documents for the next meeting. CCC was also asked to begin scanning the Orbis 2 Table of Contents for the next items for review.

Respectfully submitted,
Steven Arakawa


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