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Cataloging Coordinating Council Minutes

Date: 2003-05-29


Joan Swanekamp asked for volunteers to finalize the updates to the Training Checklist and cite the relevant documents. Steven Arakawa, Sarah Elman, and David Walls volunteered. (Sarah Elman assigned the chair of the TF after the meeting)

OCLC Connexion implementation at YUL. Joan will write up a charge. The task force will include: Steven Arakawa, Matthew Beacom, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, and Dajin Sun. (Matthew Beacom assigned the chair of the TF after the meeting)

Follow-up on ENUM/CHRON updating:

Partially analyzed sets. The memo announcing the new procedure for linking item records on partially analyzed sets was discussed. Item records for partially analyzed sets will be assigned from now on to the cover record. Former practice was to assign the item record to the analytic record if available but assign to the cover record if the volume was not analyzed. Neither practice is entirely satisfactory from the user viewpoint (i.e. to determine circulation status), but the new practice has the advantage of predictability and simplifies workflow. It is already current practice with LSF recon titles. It is possible that enabling the Voyager bibliographic relationship software may help to clarify circulation status in cover/analytic situations; this will be looked into by Patricia Thurston's "Bound withs" task force. CCC also OK'd use of "part anlyz" to identify the practice in 852 $x on the cover record. (LSF recon draft documentation has been using "pa;" the LSF documentation will be updated to "part anlyz" to standardize practice.)

Orbis2 MFHD and Copy cataloging workflow documentation was reviewed. Outstanding item is to determine the best procedure for On order/in process MFHDs. Joan will follow up after discussion with Systems. Steven Arakawa will incorporate the other comments and corrections into the posted documentation.

The next CCC meeting is scheduled for July 24th. CCC will review the Serial and Multipart documentation for volume holdings. During the CCC hiatus, the Policy and Documentation Group will begin review of these documents for consistency, identify policy issues, and suggest options. Although updates to the documentation may occur between now and July 24th, CCC is encouraged to begin taking a look at the documentation, since it is fairly lengthy. To the extent possible, the intention is to record YUL volume holdings consistently with the ANSI/NISO standard, but translating the standards to a free text holdings statement is often difficult and open to conflicting interpretations. CCC is encouraged to compare the proposals with the actual text of the standards.


Serial holdings:

Multipart holdings:

ANSI/NISO Z39.71-99 (PDF format is free)

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Arakawa


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