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Cataloging Coordinating Council Minutes

Date: 2003-10-02

Present: Joan Swanekamp (chair), Steven Arakawa, Paula Ball, Mattthew Beacom, Susan Brady, Sarah Elman, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, , Abdul Hannawi, Robert Killheffer, Beatrice Luh, Nancy Lyon, Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, Anthony Oddo, E.C. Schroeder, Karen Spicher, Dajin Sun, Kari Swanson, Manon Théroux, Patricia Thurston, David Walls, Stephen Young

Absent: Helen Bartlett, Rebecca Hamilton, Ellen Jaramillo, Daniel Lovins, James Shetler

Schedule for upcoming meetings: Oct. 23, Nov. 21.

Old business: Audrey Novak was going to discuss the proposed Voyager call number indexing but was unable to make it. Joan Swanekamp has conveyed the comments and concerns she has received from manuscript and rare book catalogers to Audrey. Sarah Elman will have the revised draft of the training checklist available before the next meeting.

Agenda items:

1. Joan cautioned CCC that the OCLC web connection must be through NOT The message under the LOGON button on the logon screen should be: Dedicated TCP/IP Service. Using the URL without "dedip" is very expensive and will incur charges we can't afford.

2. Spring Voyager End-User meeting. The meeting will be held in Chicago in April. Talk to Audrey or Joan about possible presentations. Financing for travel will vary by unit and needs to be clarified.

3. Kari Swanson described the item relinking macro she has developed using a modified Voyager spine label cfg file and MacroExpress. The first macro copies the MFHD id; the 2nd macro opens 10 item records, and the third macro relinks the first item. (The third macro can be re-executed repeatedly with a single key stroke) Productivity enhancement: 80 relinks in less than 5 minutes. Using the Windows copy command during the operation will cause problems, and the item record order of the relinked items must be updated manually. Dajin Sun noted that in some cases it is easier to relink the MFHD than to relink the item records. However, if the bib record is associated with an Acquisitions record, the item records must be relinked; the MFHD should not be relinked. We will try to have a demo of Kari's program at the next CCC meeting.

4. Steven Arakawa described the spinelabel.cfg file customized by Audrey Novak to display the bib, mfhd, and item ids and the barcode number. With the exception of the barcode, the Voyager record ids cannot be copied or printed; the customized spinelabel.cfg is a workaround. It can readily be mounted on a MacroExpress macro and does not appear to be affected by the cfg file edits required by Kari's relinking macros.

5. Voyager Cataloging and Authorities Support Subcommittee. Charge: "The Voyager Cataloging and Authorities Support Subcommittee is charged with the profiling and testing the Voyager cataloging and authority control module updates and patches. The Subcommittee will also test peripheral software, including MacroExpress, ExportQ, and the Toolkit, and recommend training and implementation plans. The Subcommittee will monitor MARC format changes and recommend changes to the Voyager Tag Tables. The Subcommittee will also work closely with the Library Systems Office, identifying and resolving technical problems related to the Voyager cataloging module and peripheral software." Membership is not restricted to CCC, and may include C&Ts. Nominations and names of volunteers should be sent to Joan. Since CCC is now the Cataloging Coordinating Council (rather than Committee), "Subcommittee" will be revised to "Committee" on the charge.

6. Standards for Recording Serial Holdings in MFHD. (Steven Arakawa) Discussion focused on the checklist of talking points sent out earlier.

Section 11. 11j. Repeating numbers. What if month also appears on the item? Since the part number is sufficient to distinguish, OK to leave out the month. 11k. Recording alternative numbering. Although there was some question about whether the notation style used for alternative numbering would be clear to users, the guidelines were OK'd with some revision for more flexibility.

Section 12. Addition of ISO abbreviations for captions in MFHD was OK'd.

Section 13. "If only enumeration is present, only enumeration is recorded; chronology is not supplied." This ANSI standard should be retained and emphasized to staff. Non-Gregorian dates: non-standard local practices were OK'd (non-roman teams will continue to supply Gregorian dates only).

Section 14. New section on Microform, Reprints, and Accompanying Material OK'd, including instructions to record original designation (rather than the number of physical volumes) in 866 for hardcopy reprints.

Related: Proposal to include captions in ENUM of item record still being reviewed. If proposal is OK'd, caption would not be supplied if none appears on the item.

Applying the standards. Definitely apply to new titles. Adds to MFHDs using legacy practices: better to begin applying the new standards as new volumes are received, although there might be special instances where this might cause too much confusion.

7. Bound-withs. (Patricia Thurston)

Other business. An update to the MARC tables will be pushed out tomorrow night. Will allow entry of 655 _0 $a <subject> instead of 655 _7 $a <subject> $2 lcsh.

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Arakawa


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