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Cataloging Coordinating Council Minutes

Date: 2003-10-23

Present: Joan Swanekamp (chair), Steven Arakawa, Paula Ball, Sarah Elman, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Abdul Hannawi, Ellen Jaramillo, Daniel Lovins, Beatrice Luh, Nancy Lyon, Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, Anthony Oddo, E.C. Schroeder, James Shetler, Dajin Sun, Kari Swanson, Manon Théroux, Patricia Thurston, David Walls, Stephen Young

Absent:Helen Bartlett, Mattthew Beacom, Susan Brady, Rebecca Hamilton, Robert Killheffer,Karen Spicher

Joan Swanekamp reported briefly on the meeting Wed. Oct. 22, 2003 of the Voyager Ivies "Plus" Libraries, held at Columbia University. Representatives from Yale, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and LC were there. In attendance from CCC were Joan, Jim Shetler, and Sarah Elman. Joan will send out notes from the meeting when available. Agreement was to share documentation and macros, in some cases from secure websites for which we will be given access. LC reported that its documentation is available on the Voyager Support website. In anticipation of the forthcoming unicode compliant version of Voyager, a non-Roman support group is in the works.

Agenda items.

1. Bound-withs. Using the recently distributed draft documentation, Patricia Thurston linked 4 bibliographic records bound in one physical volume to a single MFHD associated with a fifth title, using the recently distributed procedures document (available on the CCC home page).

Emphasized that item should always be in hand when the procedure is performed. Noted that the ‡k text is now "Suppressed Bound-with."

Questions and issues: E.C. Schroeder questioned whether it was necessary to record all titles proper in 852 ‡z. While it may be reasonable to do so if the number of bound-with titles is small, Beinecke in particular has had to deal with situations where a large number of pamphlet titles are bound in a single volume. Beinecke would prefer simply to record a note in the form "9 titles bound together." A similar situation could occur with microfilm titles. After discussion, it was agreed to allow this as an option, and Patricia will update the procedures document.

Stephen Young asked whether it would be OK to delete the guest MFHDs (rather than suppress them) after all the bib. titles were linked to the parent MFHD. There is concern that useful information could be deleted by mistake, especially with serial holdings, so there is some reluctance to make this an official option. Unofficially, it should be done with great care, and should be actively discouraged where there are volume holdings recorded in the MFHD.

2. Batch relinking. Kari Swanson demonstrated macros used to relink multiple item records from one MFHD to another. The macro does not update other elements of the item record, e.g. the permanent location, and the items are relinked in reverse order, which requires manual updating. Kari is working on another macro to update the permanent location once the relink has taken place. The Voyager software apparently precludes a macro solution for reversing the item record order. Kari believes the benefits of cleaning up the item records and sorting them in the proper order are of crucial importance for patron-generated requests from the OPAC.

Word documents with instructions for editing the spinelabel.cfg file (required for using the macro) and for running the macro itself have been added to the CCC home page.

3. Bulk loader. Marsha Garman gave a PowerPoint slide presentation overview of procedures for bulk loading of bibliographic records at Yale. Bulk loads are from recon, vendor, and other external sources, and Voyager has special software for running the loads. One new feature, bi-directional merge, has not yet worked successfully. (If the new feature worked, it might allow us to reinsert fields from CJK records that were stripped in error.) What is stripped from a record can be tailored through customized programming; we may want to review what we want deleted from OCLC records when we resume batchmatching loads. Sarah Elman asked whether it might be more efficient to bulk load CJK records created on RLIN rather than export each record manually; this will require further discussion. Information about database loads may be found at:

The slide presentation has been added to the CCC home page.

4. Training checklist. Sarah Elman gave the presentation. Manon Théroux asked whether the checklist was intended for cataloging C&Ts only, since the authority link was only to the C&T workflow. It is, but the expectation is that it can be readily modified for other uses, e.g. an edited version could be used for Acquisitions assistants or newly hired professional catalogers. The checklist is linked on the CCC home page. Steven Arakawa will also link from the Cataloging at Yale page. CCC members are encouraged to use and review the document and send feedback to Sarah, Steven, or David Walls.

Other business. There was a request to include a list of council member e-mail addresses on the CCC home page to facilitate internal document distribution. The page will be updated.

Next meeting: Friday, Nov. 21. 10:00 am. (Friday before Thanksgiving)

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Arakawa


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