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Cataloging Coordinating Council Minutes

Date: 2004-07-22

Present: Joan Swanekamp (chair), Paula Ball, Karen Denavit, Sarah Elman, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Jane Gillis (Guest), Rebecca Hamilton, Abdul Hannawi, Ellen Jaramillo, Robert Killheffer, Daniel Lovins, Nancy Lyon, Soraya Magalhaes-Willson, Ernie Marinko (Guest), Anthony Oddo, Dorothy Rachmat, Lenore Rouse, E.C. Schroeder, Karen Spicher, Manon Théroux (recorder), Patricia Thurston, David Walls,

Absent: Steven Arakawa, Helen Bartlett, Matthew Beacom, Beatrice Luh, Dajin Sun, Stephen Young, Cindy Zwies

1. Voyager Cataloging and Authorities Support (VCAS) Committee Reports

1a. Cataloger's Toolkit Subcommittee

Ernie reported that testing of the Cataloger's Toolkit program, written by Gary Strawn of Northwestern, is almost done. Once TOrbis becomes available again on 8/2 the group will be testing a new version of the software. The bindery is already using two Toolkit buttons in production that help them convert Orbis text containing diacritics to a "diacritic-less" form that can be easily copied and pasted. The soonest anticipated rollout date is October. Training and documentation issues will have to be addressed.

1b. MacroExpress Subcommittee

Jane distributed a one-page report detailing progress made on implementing MacroExpress more systematically across all Voyager modules. The subcommittee has liaisons from Cataloging, Acquisitions, Circulation, and Systems. Decisions made to date include: all macros will be program-specific; two master files will be issued, one with diacritics on the keypad and one without (though once the Unicode version of Voyager is implemented we might only need one file); macros that represent the same function in different Voyager modules will use the same combination of keystrokes; combinations for unit or individual use will be available.

Once TOrbis is available again on 8/2, the group will be testing some very powerful macros that Princeton has shared with us. Princeton is using these macros to do things like: speed up Fastcat-type operations; add a single field to all open records; help generate cataloging statistics (by adding locally-defined fields to bibliographic records which are then used in conjunction with Voyager's reporting capabilities); to create MARC records for items only represented in local Access databases.

Macros might be created for non-Voyager applications as well (e.g. RLIN21). Earliest anticipated rollout date for the new MacroExpress files is November. Training and documentation issues will have to be addressed. The group has discussed the possibility of bringing in an expert. Jane will return to CCC to give a report in October.

1c. Bibliographic Linking

Patricia reported that Matthew investigated Voyager's bibliographic linking capabilities and determined that they were not sophisticated enough for our use. We might want to re-evaluate, however, if the functionality improves in later Voyager releases.

1d. Tag Tables Subcommittee

Patricia reported that Rowena Griem is heading up a group that is resposible for monitoring MARC21 developments and submitting Voyager tag table changes to Marsha. Updates are to be "pushed" to staff machines twice yearly. The next update will be implemented sometime in August.

2. RLIN21 Update

The RLIN21 implementation date has been postponed by RLG until September 30. Specific dates for the release of the NACO-enabled client have not yet been announced.

In the new RLIN21 environment, YUL will be using fewer RLIN Library Identifiers (LIs). The CTYO, CTYN, and CTYH identifiers will be retired; others are also being considered for elimination. Joan has verified that we will still be able to do maintenance work on records created under these LIs (authorization can be linked to specific units). We are waiting to hear from RLG on whether we need to retain separate LIs in order to have separate port charges (e.g. for Walpole, BAC, Law, Medical, Beinecke).

Nancy noted that SML Manuscripts and Archives will not want to give up their CTYV LI if they will no longer be able to see their "masked" fields in CTYV records. Joan ask RLG whether the CTYV LI needs to be retained in order to view these "masked" fields.

Paula asked how ILL will be affected. Joan said the location code in the 852 field will be used to see who "owns" an item.

Manon asked if RLIN record overlay would be affected by eliminating certain LIs (e.g. if we update an Orbis record that is represented in RLIN by an obsolete LI and export the newly updated record to RLIN, will we be creating a duplicate RLIN record?). Joan thought not because the Orbis record would have an 035 field with the RLIN ID # as a match point.

Daniel asked whether it was possible for staff to export (by mistake) an Orbis record without vernacular script and have it overlay an RLIN record that does contain vernacular script. Manon said she thought that there were checks in place to keep this from happening (based on a conversation she had with Kalee when someone reported accidentally exportQing a Hebraica record to RLIN) but that we might want to verify this.

Patricia reported that she is continuing to refine the RLIN21 local logon profiles. We are planning on requesting a chunk of 50-100 account numbers from RLG and then administering them locally.

E.C. asked about the terms for setting up contracts based on number of ports and connect time. Joan reported that the new monthly rates were going to be $132 per port and $4.05 per hour.

3. Spine Labels

Specifications for our spine label printing setup need to be documented and posted. Marsha and Audrey will write up instructions; Steven will add the documentation to the Cataloging at Yale website.

4. Local Yale Call Number Indexing

Because Endeavor was not able to deliver a workable index for our Local Yale call numbers (MFHD 852 field with 1st indicator 7 and $2 localyale), we plan to ask them to change all MFHDs with indicator 7 to indicator 8 and delete the $2, creating just a single index for all non-LC/non-SUDOC call numbers. The OPAC will be easier for patrons and public services staff to use and cataloging workflow and training be simplified. Once the change has been made, it cannot be reversed. We will view the records in the Orbis test region before loading them to production to make sure Endeavor did what was requested, but there will be no formal testing period.

Karen asked for clarification on the sorting routines that will apply in the merged index. No one at the meeting remembered the exact parameters. It was suggested that we change a small subset of records manually and then conduct a mini-test before giving the final go-ahead. Joan will eventually issue a start date for when cataloging staff should stop using indicator 7 in MFHDs but for now we should continue to code them as we have been.

Marsha doesn't know exactly when the conversion would happen. Manon asked if MFHDs with indicator 7 would have to be "frozen" while Endeavor does the conversion. Marsha thought not but she will ask Audrey.

5. PCC Monthly Statistics Form


Manon distributed a draft version of a new YUL PCC Monthly Statistics form. This form will be used to count NACO, SACO, and BIBCO statistics. It will replace the current monthly Authorities statistics form. Although the form has a different look and some minor rewordings, the way in which NACO/SACO statistics are to be counted has not changed; only the BIBCO categories are a new addition.

The draft form has also been distributed to the SML Catalog Department Team Leaders and the NACO Coordinating Committee for comment. A few people would also like to keep count of local updates to Orbis authority records (e.g. when adding an 090 field or $5 decisions to 64X fields); others have said they do not think this is necessary. This information is not currently being tracked in our statistics.

We would like to start using the new form for our July statistics, so comments on the form should be sent to Manon as soon as possible.

6. Next Meeting

Our next meeting date is still to be determined.

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