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Cataloging Coordinating Council Minutes

Date: 2005-01-25

Present: Joan Swanekamp (chair), Steven Arakawa, Helen Bartlett, Karen Denavit, Sarah Elman, Eric Friede, Marsha Garman, Rebecca Hamilton, Abdul Hannawi, Ellen Jaramillo, Robert Killheffer, Daniel Lovins, Nancy Lyon, Lenore Rouse, Dajin Sun, Manon Théroux, Patricia Thurston, Stephen Young (recorder), Cindy Zwies

Absent: Paula Ball, Matthew Beacom, Beatrice Luh, Anthony Oddo, Dorothy Rachmat, E.C. Schroeder, Karen Spicher, David Walls

Guest: Jenn Nolte


Marsha Garman introduced Jenn Nolte of Integrated Library Technology Services

RLIN 21. There will be a three-day hiatus (Sat.-Mon. 26-28 Feb.) during which there will be no RLIN activity. Feb. 25th will be the last day RTFW will be available except for NACO work. Mar. 1st RLIN 21 with unicode will be up and running if all goes as planned. Shaundolyn Slaughter will provide more search only training sessions for public services staff. Local logon profiles will not be available until Mar. 1st. New profiles will need to be created for NACO contributors. New passwords will probably be handed out at the CCC Meeting on Feb. 24th. CCC members will distribute the passwords to their staff. Expert users will be available to assist staff in downloading the new client from PC Amigo.

OCLC Passport will be terminated May 31st. After that we will have to adopt OCLC Connexion. No training program is yet in place.

Author cutters in LC assigned call numbers for belles-lettres. Beginning Feb. 1st we will no longer modify the LC cutters; this will facilitate processing by Fast Cat and/or students. An announcement will be sent out on YULCAT.

Sign-offs on Documentation
The following documents were discussed and approved pending suggested changes to be made by Steven Arakawa. They will not be discussed further at CCC.

Added copies:

MFHD procedures:

List of authorized $k stamps:

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Agenda for next meeting: Documentation for Reproductions

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