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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1997-10-02

Attendance not recorded

1. Joan announced that the most of the card catalogs held in SML Room 67 will be moved on Thursday 9 October to the Beinecke tunnel in order to accommodate the renovation of the Periodical Reading Room. The Official Catalog (monographs) and the Serials Catalog will be relocated in their entirety. Some but not all of the cases containing the LC shelf list can be accommodated in the tunnel. Joan will work with Robert Killheffer and Tony Oddo to determine which of the cases should be relocated and which should remain in Room 67. Room 67 is expected to be unavailable to staff through the Spring.

2. Joan informed the Committee that a Task Group has been appointed to (1) identify local headings practices that involve non- standard uses of the MARC format (2) categorize those practices (3) develop alternative approaches for each category and (4) report to the Cataloging Coordinating Committee by 22 November 1997. The Task Group will be chaired by Deborah Leslie; other members include Valentina Chudowsky, Martha Conway, Ellen Ellickson, Patrick Salmon, and Susan Tucker.

3. Joan will distribute as appropriate the document describing procedures for Orbis record deletion, suppression, and reuse. The document was prepared in conjunction with revisions to withdrawal procedures by a Task Group chaired by Jim Shetler and including Carol Jones, Robert Killheffer, Kalee Sprague, and Susan Tucker.

4. Suggestions for a final revision of Policies and Procedures for the Physical Withdrawal of Library Materials were communicated to Martha Conway, who will incorporate those changes into the document. Joan will meet with Ann Okerson to discuss the implications of the new procedures before those procedures are adopted.

5. Discussion then turned to the duplicate microfilm call numbers that are the result of an apparently long-standing practice in which cataloging units outside SML assign the same range of call numbers that is assigned in SML to the microfilm titles held in those locations, thereby causing several occurences of the same "B" number. Similar duplication occurs with accession-type numbers assigned to other Library materials, including video recordings and visual materials. Joan asked members of the Committee who regularly assign "B" and other accession-type numbers to unearth any existing documentation and bring it to her attention. The group agreed that, while such duplication is not necessarily a problem when the materials are shelved separately, it would be wise to avoid assigning duplicate call numbers if possible — which at this point is not likely, given the lack of a dynamic call number index in Orbis.

6. The group will meet next on Thursday 16 October at 2:00 in the SML Spoon.

(Minutes by Martha Conway)


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