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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1998-02-19

Attendance not recorded

Agenda topics:

1. Workflows
2. Withdrawals
3. Preliminary bibliographic records

1. Workflows:
Nancy Lyon provided a handout with the results of her subcommittee's survey
of cataloging workflows. The handout provided information gathered from
teams/departments/units centered around four questions: Where are the order
records created, and how are they coded? Where are receipt records recorded,
and how are they coded? How are inprocess/backlog/frontlog records coded?
What distinguishes a full cataloging record?
Joan Swanekamp explained that this information will be used in considering
the possibilities/implementation of batch matching -- sending our order
records off to a vendor who would create full catalog records from them.
Nancy explained that she created a table from the answers her subcommittee
received, and that she wants every team/department to take a look at the
answers to see if she interpreted them correctly. She also asked for more
information from certain departments which hadn't provided full information,
and asked all additions/corrections to be dropped off at Manuscripts and
Archives or sent via email by March 1.

2: Withdrawals
Martha Conway discussed the Policies and Procedures for the Physical
Withdrawal of Library Materials, which was last discussed a couple of months
ago, and which was sent to CCC members as an email attachment. She pointed
out that she had added examples at the end, but hadn't changed any policy.

In discussion, Nancy Lyon wanted to know where we get the withdrawn stamps
referred to in 2.1a, and it was decided that Martha would look into the
matter of what the official stamp looks like and where it may be obtained.
Several other suggestions were made to the document, including questions
about section 4, Disposal Procedures, which was outside the purview of
Martha's assignment, and which Joan said she will work on.

3. Preliminary bibliographic records for monographs

Joan Swanekamp discussed the Preliminary Bibliographic Records: Monographs
documents, which was sent to CCC members as an email attachment. She stated
that she has not yet provided examples of complete preliminary records for
the document
Other changes suggested included adding fredit information to the Background
section, moving the series decision-making information up to the front of
the document, adding information on the 700 field, and creating several more
examples for certain fields. There was also discussion relating to items
belonging to more than one series, and also varying titles as applied to
Russian titles in colophons. James Shetler is going to check and see if
Orbis will accept a record with DT/1 and/or DT/2 filled out but not D/Code.
Joan asked that if there were any other ideas to get them to her by the
beginning of next week.

Other business:

Matthew Beacom announced that he and Joan are going to talk to CDC about
cataloging electronic journals, to clarify some issues. Currently if we pay
for an electronic resource, we catalog it, but what about those resources
out there that we don't pay for, do we catalog them, how do we prioritize
what gets cataloged, and who is responsible for cataloging them?

The next meeting will be March 5.

Respectfully submitted by Diana Smith


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