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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1998-03-05

Attendance not taken

Agenda topics:
1. Announcements
2. Update on recon planning (Joan for Martha)
3. Questions on Authority Control announcement from Martha
4. OCSF - Cataloging/Processing implications

1. Announcements:
Nancy Lyon announced that she has a few more pieces of information to gather
for the cataloging workflows document, that she will finish it soon, and
might, with Matthew Beacom's help, put it up as a web page.

2. Retrospective Conversion:
Joan Swanekamp provided two handouts detailing the retrospective conversion
project queue and project scope. She pointed out that we are changing recon
plans and will be reconning serials, the Medical Library, and the official
catalog simultaneously. One reason for this is to give the Off-Campus
Shelving Facility selectors the ability to send multivolume serial sets to
the Facility earlier, thus freeing up a lot of badly needed space. The
Divinity Library is also being reconned earlier, and it has a serials
component to it as well. The art recon is finished, and that the Catalog
Management Team is beginning to process problems from the art recon now. The
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean materials have already begun to be reconned
in-house, and this project might serve as a model for Near East and Hebraica
materials. Two new members of the Catalog Management Team started this week.

Joan also discussed the catalogs that exist "peripherally" (catalogs that we
know to exist are: sales catalogs, trade directories, sound recordings,
maps, pamphlets, dissertations, Arabic-language materials), and asked
committee members to inform her if they knew of any other catalogs at Yale
that should be considered for recon. Joan also said that there is high level
interest in having the recon completed in less than the eight years
originally projected, and suggested that the end date of the project might
be moved to 2002-2003. OCLC is now set to do 50,000 records/month and could
go as high as 100,000 records/month.

3. Authority Control:
Joan reviewed the status of the authority work being done, explained that
within the next few weeks a new authority file will be built, that the
subjects, personal and corporate headings have been loaded. The series
headings have not been loaded yet, as they had to be redone upon discovering
that the corporate headings file had to be updated first, so that series
titles dependent on corporate headings would have the proper form.

Joan discussed locally modified BNA and LC authority records, the subject of
an email attachment sent to committee members earlier in the day. She
pointed out that there are two WordPerfect files on the catalog department
server in which the records which have 690s have been sorted by team. It is
the responsibility of each team to look at these records and determine
whether the changes have already been updated in the LC authority file, or
if the team wants to contribute the information to NACO. The file will be
deleted in June. The WordPerfect file doesn't show the fixed fields and
diacritics normally -- team members will be able to see the record in TORBIS
if they have questions. Joan added that in her checking, she noticed a huge
number of the BNA records have LC records now. Anyone who has questions on
how to access the files should contact Joan. There will be a discussion at
the next meeting about who will deal with records that don't have teams
listed in the 690 field.

4. Off-Campus Shelving Facility

Joan reviewed information about the OCSF (a warehouse in which the books
will be shelved purely by size, retrieved by call numbers, with 30 foot high
shelves, great climate control, huge shelving capacity, used solely for book
retrieval, not a place where patrons go, with promises to the faculty that
nothing will be sent there that hasn't got an appropriate level of
bibliographic control, that there would be no wholesale shipment of whole
classes of material to the facility) and asked the committee to think about
whether or not selection could happen at the time of acquisition, as opposed
to the normal procedure of selecting from already cataloged material -- this
could affect our processing streams a good deal. She mentioned that there is
some debate about what is the appropriate level of bibliographic control,
and that the thinking is that if material has a catalog record that we are
not going to do any more with it has the appropriate level of bibliographic
control, meaning that frontlog/backlog materials are not candidates.

The next meeting will be March 19.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Smith


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