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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1998-10-08

Attendance not recorded

I. Announcement of new members

A. Joan introduced Daniel Levins, Rebecca Mugridge and Dajin Sun as new
committee members

II. Discussion of LSF documents (LSF Orbis Checklist, LSF Orbis
Verification, and the LSF Orbis Checklist for for Serials and Multivolume

A. Joan gave a brief description of the process by which materials will
be moved to the off-campus high-efficiency Library Shelving Facility
(LSF). This process is:

1. Selectors decide which materials shall be transferred.
2. Staff will pick materials from the stacks.
3. Orbis maintenance will be performed.
4. Work will be verified.
5. Materials will be moved.

B. Discussion of documents

1. LSF checklists

Joan stated that this checklists are designed to verify the
identity of selected items and to identify possible problems. The
documentation for the resolution of any problems has yet to be created.
Additionally, Joan stated that these documents do not identify or
resolve any issues associated with vernacular materials.

2. Discussion
Most discussion centered on the serial component of these
documents. At present there are no plans to send backfiles of serials to
LSF. However, Joan indicated that some selectors have expressed the
desire to do so. Some options have already been discussed in other
forums. These are:

1. Maintaining separate copy statements for materials held on
campus and for materials held at LSF.
2. Inserting a universal message in copy statements to indicate
which portion of the holdings have been moved to LSF
3. Inserting the LSF code in the temp location of the item record
for the piece in question.

3. Discussion on this issue was suspended in order to allow Audrey to
inform the committee on the timeline for the actual shift of materials to

4. After Audrey's report discussion returned to the serial issue. This
discussion continued until the close of the meeting. Joan suggested that
those assembled report on the discussion with the appropriate public
services staff and report on those conversations at the next CCC meeting.

C. The next meeting of CCC will occur in one month.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Shetler


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