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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1998-11-05

Attendance not recorded

Joan introduced Beatrice Luh of EPH as a new member of CCC.

Today's agenda

1. More on LSF
2. LC Cataloger's desktop and Classification Plus
3. Documentation
4. Other

1. LSF

Although SML is not planning to send serials and multivolume sets to the LSF until Dec. 1999 and will not split serials and multivolume sets, other libraries will be sending serials and multivolume sets much sooner and some have existing practices for splitting serials and multivolume sets. So policies and procedures need to be drawn up and promulgated sooner rather than later.

ACTION: several CCC members will meet as a group to draw up guidelines for moving serials and multivolume sets to LSF. This group should include CCC members from affected libraries: Kline, Divinity, Social Science, etc. Libby Hofsas of SML acquisitions will also join the group.

MORE ACTION: Since serial and multivolume sets moving to LSF must have appropriate MARC holdings information in their Orbis records, this group will also review and html'ize the draft YUL serials manual and other documentation regarding the creation of MARC Holdings records. Libby will coordinate this work; Joan will review the draft serials manual; Matthew Beacom volunteered to help html'ize the text.

1b. LSF and MSS & Archives

Nancy Lyon reported on MSSA's "most dramatic change since RLIN AMC"--the redistribution of MSSA materials to SML and LSF. MSSA is the LSF guinea pig. They will be the first to test LSF--the staff, the software, the service. MSSA staff are getting daily updates. Prison metaphors--the Annex is being "locked down"--are in common use. They have been working on this move for a full year.

She says it is going well. On Nov. 16th, 865 boxes of materials identified by Yale researchers as of immediate interest will be moved to LSF and processed (made accessible to researchers) there in a few days. The rest of the Annex material will move to LSF starting on Nov. 30. Done by Dec. 12. Ralph Franklin and Beinecke are waiting for the Annex to be freed up.

MSSA is moving not only from the Annex but also from HGS and 149 York Street. When done, 60% of MSSA material will be at LSF; 40% in SML. Any room for growth in SML? Not much, but some environmentally questionable spaces in SML may be avoided.

The new distribution of material means big changes in how work gets done and how readers are served. They won't be getting back to the normal they knew, but they will find a new normal.

2. LC Cataloger's Desktop and Classification Plus

The December release of Desktop and ClassPlus will bring two big changes. First, the new release will track the number of users and be priced accordingly. We have been paying for 11 users and we have had about 40. Joan expects that we will find we have 50 to 60 users for the new release.

ACTION: All units need to send Joan ASAP a list of who needs Desktop and a list of who needs ClassPlus.
NOTE: Some high level C&T staff may have need for one or the other.

The two products may be bundled together for a single price, but they may not be. So Joan needs separate counts.

Some discussion about what level of C&T staff may do what work led to a request that in a future meeting CCC meet with Diane Turner to review policy.

The second big change is that the December release will contain the 1998 revision of AACR2. Since AACR2 will be included in the Desktop, Joan does not anticipate buying paper or CD-ROM versions of AACR2 from ALA.

3. Documentation

Overall, Joan will be delegating more work on documentation in the coming months than she has in the past. Provisional record and withdrawal policy guidelines are nearly ready.

Provisional records

ACTION: The guidelines for provisional level records are now almost ready. Joan will finish her work on these and distribute them shortly.

ACTION: A section on using vendor supplied records as provisional records will be done by Xin Li, Jim Shetler, and Robert Killheffer within the next two weeks.

Withdrawal policy

ACTION: Joan and a few other unit heads will complete work on the document and send to the University Librarian. Scott has seen the draft and will issue the policy document shortly.

4. Other

Library-wide statistics for cataloging and acquisitions

Joan is often asked to comment on Yale's ARL statistics and has noted that different units collect different statistics. As a starting point for further understanding, Joan needs to know what units are collecting what statistics.

ACTION: all units need to send a sample statistics form to Joan before the next meeting of CCC .

Next meeting is in two weeks. Nov. 19th.

Notes respectfully submitted by

Matthew Beacom


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