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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1998-12-03

Attendance not recorded

I. Use of Non-Standard MARC Records

A draft policy written by Xin Li, Jim Shetler, and Robert Killheffer was
offered for discussion. The need for a policy is prompted by the fact
that, for efficiency reasons, the Acquisitions Department is increasing
its use of vendor records and foreign national MARC records.

The draft suggests that 6xxs not be verified at the acquisitions stage;
staff will only verify the 1xx, 7xx, and 4xx. In addition, non-English
language headings should be removed.

A lengthy discussion ensued when the question arose whether acquisitions
staff needed to verify more than the first added entry. This issue is
particularly important with foreign national MARC records. It was
suggested that at the ordering stage staff can leave headings in unverified
but at the receiving stage they must be verified.

However, this means that unverified terms are in the database for three
months for domestic orders and six months for foreign orders. There was
some preference expressed for "stripping" down both vendor and foreign
national MARC records to only the 1xx or 7xx with the descriptive text.
Others voiced opposition to taking out any headings. As a compromise, one
proposal was to strip down vendor records but leave the foreign national
MARC records as is and add a 928, thus signaling that the record would go
through authority control.

There was also discussion about what could reasonably be asked of
acquisitions staff, and concerns were raised that that whole process was
getting too complicated.

The discussion ended with two possible options: 1) strip out headings, or
2) allow unverified headings into the database.

Joan Swanekamp asked Xin and Robert to talk with RSC about the introduction
of unverified headings into the database.

CCC will continue its examination of this policy.

II. Orbis Record Suppression, Deletion, and Re-Use

This policy document was offered for final discussion. Any additional
comments should be sent to either Joan Swanekamp or Martha Conway by
December 8.

Committee members suggested that an announcement of this policy be sent via
yulib-l, with the document available on the cataloging website.

The next CCC meeting will be on Thursday, December 17, at 2:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Lyon


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