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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1999-05-06

Attendance not recorded

I. Several catalogers from East Asian Collection attended the Asian Materials Cataloging Seminar given by LC. Interested members can see Clara for course

II. Expanding OCLC use

Joan provided background information on budgeting for ports and access for both OCLC and RLIN and recommended the Committee to consider the option to
reduce some current RLIN searching and port charges to free up funds for OCLC. Possible actions are: switching from RLIN to OCLC; regrouping ports but still
retain the original library identifiers. CCC looked at 2 statistical reports on port usage of and searching activities in RLIN and discussed the
options mentioned above.

Joan asked CCC members to consult their colleagues in both public and technical services and e-mail her their findings and possible concessions
within 2 weeks.

III. Series/Serials

In order to respond to patrons requests for records for series in Orbis that are similar to the old series/serials cards, Joan asked CCC to think about
possible guidelines to standardize system-wide practices. Following are sample situations that would help the Committee to start conversations on such

-series bibliographic records for analyzed series
-multiple series tracing/analysis practices
-where to record holdings for serials and classed together series
-where to attach item records for seps, partially analyzed, analyzed
-our practices for holdings of subseries, multiple series

CCC member will discuss with colleagues in both public and technical services about impact of different changes of practice and will bring back inputs and
findings to the next CCC meeting. CCC members are also asked to find out whether there are any past documentation on the practices.

Other topics:

Audrey recommended that staff cease to "drop call numbers in Orbis". Call number should be added (copy and pasted, if appropriate) to each location line
in the holdings record in Orbis. This will make the data migration from Orbis to the future system much easier. Joan will send a message to Yulib-L on

Next CCC meeting will take place on June 3 at 2 p.m. in Rm. 409.


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