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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1999-06-03

Attendance not recorded.

1. Kim Tran, the new cataloger for the Southeast Asia collection was

2. The rest of the meeting was devoted to the Procedures for Serials and
Multipart Monographs drawn up by Rebecca Mugridge and Dajin Sun.

The issue is how holdings should be recorded for materials sent to the LSF.
There must be an accurate representation of everything sent to the LSF.
The MHLD will be compared to the volumes pulled from the shelves in order
to note any discrepancies or inaccuracies. During the course of drafting
procedures for this process, several questions arose.

Question 1. If there should be an MHLD, but there is 1) no MHLD 2) a dummy
MHLD or 3) a note in the MHLD that indicates that earlier volumes were not
recorded, the title is not fully converted. Should the staff members doing
LSF processing input the MHLD based on the items on the shelf?

Answer 1. The statement cards are considered the most accurate
representation of our holdings; therefore, MHLDs should be entered based on
the statement cards, not the items on the shelf.

Implications: Since the MHLD is printed on the pick slip, selectors should
refrain from selecting items for transfer to the LSF that fall into any of
the three categories listed above. If items are inadvertently pulled that
fall into the above three categories, they should be returned to the shelf
until such time as they are fully converted.

Question 2. If the MHLD appears to have been completed, but there are
volumes on the shelf that are not recorded in the MHLD, is it acceptable to
add them to the MHLD, or is it necessary to consult a statement card?

Answer 2. It is acceptable to add individual volumes to the MHLD without
consulting a statement card.

Question 3. How do we treat volumes that are recorded on the MHLD, but
which are not on the shelf? Is it acceptable to use the 866 |z public note
to indicate missing volumes? What about items that are checked out on
provisional records?

Answer 3. The 866 |z note is an acceptable solution to record volumes
missing when a title is sent to the LSF. If a volume is checked out at the
time of transfer, the location code in the copy holdings record should be
changed to reflect the new location and indicate to circulation staff where
the item should be sent upon return.

Question 4. Is it acceptable to combine ANSI standards and Yale recon
standards on the same MHLD?

Answer 4. Yes

Rebecca and Dajin will be revising this document with the help of Jim
Shetler, Andrea Lamb and Rosemary Plotnick. Appropriate staffing levels
for various duties will be considered.

3. Joan distributed several documents relating to serials procedures that
we are to read in preparation for the next CCC meeting (July 1, 1999).


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