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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1999-07-29

Attendance not recorded

I. Announcement

Patricia Thurston, Slavic Team Leader, was introduced to the committee members.

August CCC meeting is cancelled considering lots of people will be away from the library.

II. Updates from Joan

Joan Swanekamp restated the LSF Policies for Bibliographic Records and stressed that books transferred to LSF should have representing full bibliographic record in Orbis. According to Joan, serials and multi-volume sets should not be sent to LSF at present since they are generally not converted yet.

Joan also mentioned that split serial holdings may be inevitable for some departmental libraries as they will have to send some older journal issues (say issues of 10 years ago) to LSF to ease their space crunch. In such case, all old issues within that selected period should be transferred so that they would stay in one place. Clara Chen pointed out that pamphlets in a box could pose potential problems for the transfer as they all share one barcode on the box.

Joan announced that LC would temporarily stop exporting cataloging records to bibliographic utilities during the initial operation of their new ILS from July 21 to August 14. This might affect the fast-cat operation at Yale.

LC's effort on Pinyin to Wade-Giles conversion will not be in full swing until after the completion of its new ILS migration. Clara reported that LC would begin using Pinyin romanization in its original cataloging in the year 2000. Currently, Chinese geographic names have already been converted into Pinyin forms and some subject headings containing a Wade-Giles form are also being converted to Pinyin. Clara offered to help other teams with Chinese headings in Pinyin.

III. Follow-up discussion on the Procedures for Serials and Multipart Monographs

Dajin Sun introduced the revised draft of the Procedures for Serials and Multipart Monographs and invited comments on the revised document. The revision reflected the suggested changes from the June's CCC meeting and included a recommendation on staffing levels for different tasks involved in the LSF transfer process.

The discussion led to several constructive suggestions on the improvement of the document. They include: 1) investigating into other cases of substandard holding statements in MHLD, 2) conceiving of a standard language for recording missing volumes in Orbis, which can be easily followed by all library units, 3) seeking opinions from the Research Service Council (RSC) on the display of missing volumes in the online public catalog, 4) testing different formats of display for missing volumes in Torbis and CrossPlex, a web version of Orbis OPAC.

Dajin and Rebecca Mugridge will contact the RSC regarding the public display of missing volumes and experiment in Torbis and CrossPlex to see what would be the best format of indicating missing volumes in Orbis.

IV. Searching WorldCat Tutorial

Ellen Jaramillo spoke about her experience with using Searching WorldCat, (a window-based tutorial designed by OCLC to teach searching techniques and strategies for the OCLC Online Union Catalog in a self-paced, offline environment) and gave out some handouts about the tutorial. Her experience was very positive and she would like to recommend this tutorial to others who were using or would like to use OCLC for bibliographic records.


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