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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1999-09-23

Attendance not recorded

1. LSF Transfer Problem Resolution Instructions
(draft prepared by Susan Tucker, Rebecca Mugridge and Dajin Sun. Distributed via email attachment, 9/22/99)

Rebecca Mugridge led us through the problems and recommended solutions outlined in this draft document, and the levels of C&T staff recommended to perform them. D level staff mentioned would most likely be members of the Catalog Management Team, B level staff mentioned would most likely be LSF or departmental library staff. Solutions were decided upon in an effort to minimize the handling of materials in order to maximize cost effectiveness.

Additions to the category "Incorrectly formatted call numbers" were discussed; the examples will be expanded. The decision was made to remove the category "Possible typo in Orbis provisional record call number" and add it to the "Miscellaneous problems" list.

A question was raised concerning "bound with" volumes. Audrey Novak said it would be possible to add 501 and 590 field notes to the pick slips sent to selectors, to alert them that the item is a "bound with", possibly preventing sending the item to LSF. Also, its not yet been decided how to handle analytics.

Jim Shetler is finding that about 20% of the SSL titles selected for transfer to LSF duplicate the same edition being sent to LSF from another library (and are on separate Orbis bib. records). Rather than perpetuate the duplication by transferring to LSF, he prefers to verify and discard the SSL duplicate, and suppress the bib. record. It was stated that the procedures were developed with an eye to minimizing handling (and saving cost), but to go ahead and resolve duplicates, or relink the SSL copy to the other bib. record and send to LSF. If the amount of duplicates becomes overwhelming, this can be discontinued (again, to make it more cost effective).

Joan Swanekamp stated that this document should be viewed as a work in progress; as more items are selected for LSF, new problems will be identified and need to be resolved. Joan, Rebecca and Dajin will revise the document. It will be added to the cataloging webpage, with links to the future LSF webpage.
Joan encouraged CCC members to share LSF location codes with staff in their respective units.
examples--in the Orbis copy holding screen, they appear as:
001 1L CN |a lsf,arti |b(call number... ) = in LSF, transferred from Art, and circulation code "i"
001 1L CN |a lsf,cclc |b(call number... ) = in LSF, transferred from
CCL, and circulation code "c"
001 1L CN |a lsf,medr |b(call number... ) = in LSF, transferred from
Medical, and circulation code "r"
the circulation codes mean:
c = normal circulation
i = in-building use only
r = restricted, can only go from LSF back to the library that transferred it,
and then only for in-building use

2. Authority Control Workflow for Yale C&T Staff
document created by the Authority Control Advisory Committee, for searching access points found in copy cataloging.

Rebecca went over the procedures outlined in this draft document, inviting discussion, and explained the rationales behind the recommendations. The document is intended to provide consistency in application of procedures across cataloging units (and acquisitions staff involved in FastCat processing).

Some units handling numerous compound surname access points continue to search 100, 600 and 700 fields found in LC copy records, deriving LC name authorities when available (and referring compound names without authority records to librarians for establishment). Joan agreed that this should continue to be done in cases where reference structure is required.

The question arose as to whether we should still be doing this amount of checking of access points, since we are paying OCLC to perform authority control. Joan pointed out that its still valid, that we're getting a lot of other services from OCLC attendant to authority control, and that YUL is getting it's money's worth.

Rebecca will make some additions to the document and re-post the latest version on the web.


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