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Cataloging Coordinating Committee Minutes

Date: 1999-11-18

Attendance not recorded

1. Preliminary Record Guidelines

Joan Swanekamp and Vickie Seymour, Head of Acquisitions, have met with
curators to discuss about the Preliminary Record Guidelines. Joan was
pleased to report that the curators agreed to create records according to
the standards established in the Guideline. Some curatorial units may need
training, a task about which Joan has already spoken with Patricia
Thurston. Joan will also seek input to the document from members of the
Acquisitions Support Group. After that, Joan will distribute the final
version on yulib-l.

2. Preliminary Record Standard for Serial Analytics (a.k.a. prov anal)

To address the issue that there are various standards used in different
libraries/units in creating prov anal records, Joan formed a group to put
together guidelines to clarify and resolve coding and practice issues. The
goal is to create minimum-level-like, conflict-free records in Orbis. This
means that these records will go through authority control and will stay in
Orbis without further editing for a while. The draft will be distributed
for review in CCC when it is ready.

3. C&T Authority Control Workflow Document for C&T Staff

Rebecca Mugridge explained the changes that she has added to the revised
version of the document
( after
having consulted Joan. She asked CCC members for corrections and
suggestions. CCC gave some discussions on series workflow and reached the
agreement that is to have 2 different workflow: one for FastCat, another
for copy cataloging that does not take place in the Acquisitions
Department. For the latter, if no authority record is found in Orbis, the
copy cataloger will derive one, if available, into Orbis and add 090 and
690 fields to the authority record. This procedure will not be followed by
FastCat staff in Acquisitions. Rebecca will add all suggestions to the

4. LSF Problem resolution routines

Joan gave some background information on the LSF problems. Rebecca
Mugridge distributed the draft version of LSF Transfer Problem Resolution
Instructions. CCC members asked for clarifications of some points and gave
a lengthy discussion on how to word the public Orbis message about the
missing volumes that are discovered at the time a title is sent to LSF.
Different suggestions are made by CCC members.

5. Data Loads

Audrey Novak announced the following:

· NACO loads are done weekly
· LC Authority records loads take place twice a month
· The Systems Office is no longer using the RLIN loader to load records.
Audrey asked to be notified in advance if any unit needs to load records
using the loader.
· About Frontlog batch matching: 50,000 titles will be run in the week
after Thanksgiving. To prevent a particular record from being overwritten,
one has to put a temporary 927 field in the record but has to remember to
take it out later on.

6. E-cat Committee updates

Matthew Beacom announced that Maggie Powell joined the Committee as RSC
liaison and Dana van Meter from the Law Library also joined the Committee
recently. Matthew called for nominations of an intern and commented that
the E-cat Committee welcomes librarians at L-I and L-II level.

Matthew explained to CCC members how the Orbis Link Checker works. He
added that the Committee is working with the Systems Office to load ca.
1,200 records from EBSCO Host with a projected date of early 2000. He
briefly mentioned issues related to cataloging "visitor records" that the
library owns only temporarily due contractual arrangements. In addition,
the E-cat Committee is developing procedures on how to catalog electronic

Respectfully submitted,
Xin Li


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