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Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 18:32:42 -0500
To: Joan <>, Vickie <>
From: Paul Conway <>
Subject: A & A Binding and Preparations
Cc: Pat <>, Chris <>

Joan and Vickie,

Effective January 1, 2000, the Preservation Department -- more specifically the departmentís preparations program headed by Pat Simon -- has assumed responsibility for binding and shelf preparation activities for monographs processed for the Art & Architecture Library. This change encompasses all hardback monographs and monographic series, all paperback monographs, and all pamphlets processed for the Art & Architecture Library. Staff in the Acquisitions Departmentís Monograph Support Team and staff in the Cataloging Departmentís Arts & Sciences Team who handle original and copy cataloging of art materials should route all fully processed materials to the Preparations Program instead of returning them to the Art & Architecture Library. This change does not include serials.

This change in end-processing of monographs should have no impact on the operations of the Acquisitions and Cataloging departments beyond the change in routing instructions. The Preparations Program will handle all binding and shelf preparation activities, including the insertion of the 3M security strips (tattle-tape), the application of commemorative plates where appropriate, and the labeling and marking of volumes. The Preparations Program will route pamphlet materials to the Collections Care Program for routine processing. When the Preparations Program has completed processing of monographs, they will be sent to the Art & Architecture Library via Eli Express.

Until now, the ultimate responsibility for the detection and correction of errors in the bibliographic record fell to the technical staff of the Art & Architecture Library. With the shift in responsibility for end processing to the Preparations Program, it is particularly important to make bibliographic processing as error-free as possible. Of particular concern are those portions of the Orbis record that contain the call number and the location of the item. The staff of the Preparations Program does not have the technical expertise to detect and correct most call number and location errors. Should Preparations Program staff suspect that there is an error in the call number or location fields of an Art & Architecture monograph, they will contact the appropriate processing team leader for clarification.

In the next two months, the Preservation Department will assume responsibility for binding current serials held by the Art & Architecture Library.  Implementation of this plan has been delayed in order to make sure that information on serials is correctly located in the Preservation Departmentís binding processing database (LARS). I will notify you when we have a specific date for the cut-over in serials processing.  When this shift does indeed take place, the staff of the Art & Architecture Library will retain responsibility for collating complete volumes and transporting them to the Preparations Program via Eli Express.

When we are sure that the processing of A&A monographs is running smoothly, I intend to announce the change to the library community.  In the meantime, please let your staff know about this change in processing routine.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, PaulÖ

Paul Conway
Head, Preservation Department

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