To: Processing Services Teams/Data Base Maintenance/Southeast Asia/East Asia
From: M. Montee
Re: Monographs with accompanying microforms
Date: July 12, 1990

For approximately 4 years, catalogers have had the instruction to separate microforms (usually microfiche) from texts and to send microforms to SML Microtext and volumes to the stacks. Alan Solomon and I have reviewed this policy and have concluded that it is a disservice to  public services and patrons and an unnecessary procedure for Processing Services. As a result we have agreed that all such works will be kept together and shelved in Microtext.

This change is effective immediately.

For works cataloged on RLIN, use the location MIC

For works cataloged or corrected on Orbis, use the location SML,MIC

cc: G. Lowell  K. Trainer A. Solomon

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