Selected SML Catalog Department Memos

Added Copies to Circulation Records (MLM) 10/23/91

Arts Library Processing Change (Paul Conway) 01/01/2000

Catalog Records for Publications in Cyrillic Script (JD)  2/21/80

Correction to Catalog Dept. Manual: Folio (MLM)  3/18/86

Decision to Cease Card Catalog Maintenance for Transfers  (JS)  4/1/98

Microform Guides (JS/REK) 9/02/99

Monographs with Accompanying Microforms (MLM) 7/12/90

Multi-Media Works (MLM)  10/7/94

New Authority File Release (RM) 3/31/99

Orbis Online Shelflist Ready for Use (JS, AN, FM) 8/15/97

Photocopies for Cross Campus Library (MLM) 9/27/90

Provisional Analytics Created by Serial Support Staff  (MLM) 4/7/94

Record deletion (MLM)  1/22/92

Use of Initials in the Copy Holdings Statement Notes  (FM & MLM) 12/5/90

Use of Trailing X in Call Numbers (MLM) 4/11/91rev 2/94

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