Decision to Cease Card Catalog Maintenance for Transfers

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:27:40 -0400
From: Joan Swanekamp <joan.swanekamp@YALE.EDU>
Subject: Card Catalog Maintenance

To: Yale Library Community
From: Joan Swanekamp, Chief Catalog Librarian
Subject: Decision to Cease Card Catalog Maintenance for Transfers
April 21, 1998

Discussions related to the off campus shelving facility and the renovation
of several libraries generated a number of questions pertaining to the
ongoing accuracy of location information in the Yale University Library
public card catalog. The central questions were whether we could or should
continue to maintain accurate location information in the card catalog for
titles transferred between libraries or to the shelving facility, when
current location information is available online.

The possible scenarios were discussed in a library forum, with the Library
Management Council and with the Advisory Committee on Library Policy (ACLP):

1) Create an online record in ORBIS with the accurate location, and remove
the cards from the public and official catalogs. The removal of the cards
with inaccurate location information reduces the possibility of library
patrons going to the shelf and being frustrated because they cannot locate
a particular title.

2) Change the location on all the cards of titles transferred from one
Yale library to another. This is the procedure used in pre-ORBIS days.

3) Create an online record in ORBIS with accurate location information,
and do no maintenance in the union catalog.

My recommendation and the decision reached by the above groups is to
maintain accurate location information in ORBIS and accept and promote
ORBIS as the authoritative catalog for location information. We will
abandon location maintenance in the public card catalog for those materials
transferred to the shelving facility, between libraries, or within a
library. Our discussions acknowledge that this will sometimes be an
inconvenience for our users, but we are committed to continuing to develop
better ways (bibliographic instruction, signs, etc.) to help our users
focus on the benefits of ORBIS.

This decision is effective April 1, 1998.

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