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Cataloging CD-ROMs and Other Direct Access Electronic Resources (SRA). Some important highlights: "CD-ROMs are cataloged on the basis of their content (i.e., content as text, score, cartographic, graphic, or electronic material." So, for example, in the Leader: "Use the appropriate code for the content (e.g. a/m for a textual monograph; a/s for a textual serial) not the physical carrier (the CD-ROM or the floppy disc)." In RLIN, I believe, when cataloging a CD-ROM version of a monograph, this detail in the leader will cause the ID number to have a B rather than O, as in CTYH-B200.

Also need to create 007 ("Physical Characteristics") and 006 ("Additional Material Characteristics") fields.

NB: Even if what you're cataloging is primarily a physical text with a supplementary CD or DVD (etc.), still provide a 007 that describes the CD or DVD (etc.) (Per Rick , 4/29/08)

Note that subfield $h is required after 245 $a. Per 1.1C, use "[electronic resource]".

Regarding physical description, note that that Yale "follows the LCRI, i.e. catalogers should apply the optional rule and use a term in common usage. Use "DVD-ROM", e.g., to distinguish from video DVDs. Note that magnetic disks are spelled with a "k.""

Follow prescribed order of notes, beginning with 538 "System requirements".

Beware of using form subdivision: "Databases"

Physical handling: See SML marking and labeling document.

Use the appropriate marker (a Sharpie fine-point permanent marker) and carefully transcribe the last 9 digits of the barcode (those after the 39002) around the hub of the CD on the side that has the disc label. Usually you can use a black marker, but some CDs have labels that obscure the hub and will have to be marked using a different color such as silver.

Check the item record for the correct location and item type. The item type for stand-alone CD-ROMs should be media . This material will circulate for one week. If there is accompanying textual material (user guides, pamphlets, inserts, etc.) that will get a separate item record, apply the item type media to this material as well. Enter the item type format code Suppl in the CHRON field for the accompanying material, and apply the Item Statistical Category Suppl .

Note: Add an Item Statistical Category for all CD-ROMS (stand-alone or accompanying).

Example of CD-ROM with accompanying guide:

For CD "The interactive English dictionary" , with accompanying user guide:

For CD:
Item type: media
Enum: _____ (blank)
Chron: _____ (blank)
Item Statistical Category: CD

For user guide:
Item type: media
Enum: _____ (blank)
Chron: Suppl
Item Statistical Category: Suppl

If there are multiple CDs accompanying a book or serial, enter the item type format code plus a digit to distinguish each piece ( CD 1 , CD 2 , etc.) in the CHRON field of the item record.

For 866 vol. holdings:

Optionally, accompanying material may be recorded if considered to be important. Accompanying material is considered to be a "secondary bibliographic unit" and is recorded in the 866 holdings statement according to the scheme: <primary bibliographic unit> + <secondary bibliographic unit>.


866 4 1 8 0 a [Disc 1]-[Disc 4] + 1 book

Items Cataloged (not comprehensive list):

Title Voyager Bib number Date cataloged Notes
Bar Ilan's Judaic Library (2005) 7132484 1/31/06 2 CD-Roms, 1 guidebook, Judaic Studies Ref. Call Number: BM501 .B37 2005 (LC)
Yalḳuṭ Mashiaḥ u-geulah al ha-Torah 7878413 12/12/07 JAD, variant ed cataloging from multi-vol. set.


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