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Notes on Cataloging Israeli Dissertations


In lieu of publication date, AACR2 4.4 allows the date of submission to be recorded as the third element of Area Four, i.e., MARC 260 subfield $c. Place and agency of publication, however, i.e., MARC 260 $a and $b, are not recorded. When copy cataloging, however, if 260 subfield $b and $c have already been provided, OK to leave in. Similarly, MARC 008 bytes 15-17 "country code" should be "xx", but if original cataloger already keyed in the code for country in which the dissertation was submitted, OK to leave as is.

Also, until Yale develops more specific guidelines of its own (i.e., on non-Yale dissertations), consider using OCLC Special Cataloging Guidelines.


This file last modified 05/12/05